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Gift Guide: The Design Enthusiast

Some people just care more about the aesthetics of things than others, so if you aren’t sure what to get for that design enthusiast in your life. Here are a few suggestions we think they’d enjoy.

Couthie Sightlines Paper Lantern
This adorable lantern, which depicts some of Edinburgh, Scotland’s most important architectural masterpieces, will brighten up any room.
$13.70 at

Shigeru Ban: Humanitarian Architecture
Shigeru Ban is a master of fusing sleek design with functional architecture for humanitarian projects, and this coffee table would impress anybody.
$60 at

 SOMA Glass Carafe
The lucky person who gets this water out of something that looks like it could be a work of art.
For more information, visit

Erik Parker’s Hello Skate Deck
Artist Erik Parker’s skate deck is great for skater boys who want to get into art collecting.
$100 at

Stig Carlsson’s Cloud Speaker
Carlsson may have designed this speaker in 1974, but its design is still relevant today. This reissue is even wifi compatible, so you can steam your favorite play lists.
$899 at

Trusco Deluxe Toolbox
This 1947 design takes your typical toolbox and makes it look good.
$110 at

Caeden Linea N°1 Headphones
What lady friend (or relative) doesn’t need headphones? These Caeden headphones double as a cool fashion accessory.
$149.99 at

The Motley Ash 100% Soy Wax Candle
Any design buff appreciates a good scented candle. This one fuses together notes of wood smoke, suede, cardamom, cloves and frankincense.
$28 at

Liquid Body Stainless Steel Flask
Who says a flask can’t look as good as whatever you carry inside it feels (after a few swigs)?
$45 at

Møller Trolley
This bar cart would look good in anybody’s home. Now you just need some bottles to put on top of it.
$1,725 at

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