Back to the Future: Get the Office of Tomorrow, Today

From Marty McFly to Valerian, we’ve seen an approximation of how technological advancements will revolutionize our day-to-day. In real life, sure, we have Tupac holograms and 4K camera drones, but how often are the little things we do a reflection of the exciting age we inhabit? We might not have interactive holographic displays, but there are a few ways to at least have a more futuristic office. Strap in; your day job is about to really take off.

Magic Calendar

Magic Calendar

As a part of an Android competition for developers, Kosho Tsuboi Design developed a concept that brings digital and analog worlds together. Magic Calendar gives you the feel of paper, but the connectivity of an app. The current prototype uses a low reflection screen to achieve this effect, but the designers are looking forward to a time when high-resolution electronic paper becomes a reality.

Live OS

Hermin Miller Live OS

Herman Miller, a leader in the modern furniture space, wants you to have a futuristic office. They recently debuted Live OS, a system of connected office furniture built to make your workday better. The main feature is a rising desk that can be programmed to adjust its height throughout the day and keep you on your toes (literally, if you’d like), but connected chairs are also in the works. 

Bastron’s Glass Keyboard

bastron glass keyboard

Are you ready to hack into a database or fly a spaceship? Though some might prefer a more natural look, with this glass keyboard, you can finally make sending emails look cool. As a completely flat surface with slightly larger than standard keys, the keyboard will initially decrease your typing speed, but it’s a breeze to clean and can withstand spills.

IFTTT’s Productivity AI


Think about IFTTT as the internet of things for the internet of things. You likely already have connected gadgets and appliances that perform simple tasks, but wouldn’t it be great to get them to work together? IFTTT (If This, Then That) can put various services and hardware to work by creating conditional commands called applets. Whether you’re programming your phone to automatically disable WiFi when you’re not at home or work or connecting your Alexa to-dos to Evernote, life’s better when your tech talks to each other.

Altwork Station


This chair might seem a bit like the future “Wall-E” warned us about, but it looks too cozy for us to care. Altwork Station allows you to sit upright, lounge, and stand with an adjustable desk and monitor. A potential gem for remote workers and gamers alike, Altwork Station’s greatest pro is how it can make office work more accessible to differently-abled people.

Nissan’s Intelligent Parking Chair

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles when it comes to your desk chair, try clapping your way into Nissan’s cool/spooky, futuristic office. These chairs were built using Nissan’s parking assist feature, but are only in use at their headquarters. It might be time to dust off your resume (and your Japanese).

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