Furniture so fly it’s made from decommissioned aircraft parts

Forget about all that furniture made from reclaimed 19th century barn wood and upcycled skateboards – that stuff is played out. If you’re looking to fill your pad with something truly original and unique, check out Fallen Furniture.

Instead of using bits of ancient wood, founding brothers Harry and Benjamin Tucker carefully source rare, reclaimed aircraft parts from all corners of the globe, and shape them into stunning pieces of furniture that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern art exhibit.

Featuring salvaged parts from both civilian and military planes, their current line includes a handful of remarkable coffee tables – most notably the dazzling glass-topped Boeing 777 wheel,  and a walnut-encased emergency door from an Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner. Each piece is designed as a tribute to aviation heritage and engineering, and don’t worry – none of the parts come from planes that have crashed, so you don’t need to worry about bringing any bad juju into your living room.

If the tables don’t get you going, the FF’s bespoke product line also includes a variety of clocks, desks, and light fixtures. The timepieces are made from the window sections of a Boeing 737 fuselage, and the wall-mounted accent lights are crafted from leading edge slats of an Airbus A380 wing.

Since some of these pieces can take upwards of 150 hours to complete, and the materials used to make them aren’t easy to get, pricing and availability varies from piece to piece. Exact numbers aren’t available on the company’s site, but interested parties can contact the makers directly for bespoke requests and price quotes.

This story was originally posted on The Manual’s brother site, Digital Trends.

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