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Clean Origin Lab-Grown Diamonds Make for Ethical Engagements

This content was produced in partnership with Clean Origin.

Diamonds have fascinated humans for millennia, attributable to their rarity and unique radiance. That’s not likely to change any time soon. Nonetheless, there are a number of concerns surrounding the ethical and ecological impact of the mining and sale of these ancient gemstones. Many have understandable qualms about supporting the diamond trade. Clean Origin’s lab-grown diamonds present a more ethical and less expensive option for engagement rings and other jewelry — without sacrificing any of the iconic beauty that makes these gems so special.

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A gold engagement ring set with a Clean Origin lab-grown diamond.

Lab-created diamonds are a great option if you’re concerned about issues surrounding the mined diamond trade, such as forced labor and violence surrounding gemstones sourced from known conflict zones. That’s before you even consider the ecological impact of natural diamond mining, which can cause deforestation, soil erosion and depletion, degrade water quality, and disrupt wildlife. With Clean Origin’s lab-grown diamonds, there’s no question surrounding their source.

Clean Origin’s laboratory-created diamonds are not “fake” or “simulated.” Lab-grown diamonds have an identical physical and chemical structure to their natural counterparts. The only difference is how they are sourced. Diamond laboratories use technology to simulate and speed up the natural diamond creation process, resulting in lab-grown diamonds that are visibly indistinguishable from natural diamonds but are ethically sourced and 20-50% less expensive.

Lab-grown diamonds do more than keep money in your pocket. If you’ve already set your budget, then the cost difference between traditional (and possibly questionably sourced) diamonds and Clean Origin’s lab-grown diamonds can let you get more diamond for your dollar. You can fit a larger diamond within the same budget when buying an engagement ring. Alternatively, you may choose to splurge for a nicer setting that’ll turn the piece into something truly special.

Clean Origin’s catalog features earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings, all of which are set with the lab-grown diamonds. This includes more than 300 engagement rings in several metal types and diamond shapes. You even have the ability to customize your ring to your liking. A few of our favorites include the Marseille Solitaire Ring, which exudes timeless feminine beauty with its six-prong setting that features a tulip motif. The Marseille Solitaire is compatible with stones between 0.5 and 2.55 carats.

The Petite Floating Gem Bridal ring set with Clean Origin lab-grown diamonds.

The Solon ring, part of Clean Origin’s Precision Collection, features 14 lab-grown diamonds that flank the main stone for one-eighth total carat weight. The center stone sits in a four-prong setting.

You can choose from a variety of shapes including round, oval, pear, and cushion, just to name a few. If you’re after something truly eye-catching, then the Petite Floating Gem Bridal Set is sure to turn heads. The bridal set’s double bands combine an engagement ring and wedding band to create one stunning look. Over half of each ring is set with lab-created diamonds, creating a three-quarter total carat weight.

Whether you’re gift shopping for a special someone, you’re in the market for an engagement, or you’re just looking to treat yourself, Clean Origin’s selection of jewelry featuring laboratory-grown diamonds is an ethical and cost-effective option. Clean Origin also offers free expedited and insured delivery, 100-day returns, and free resizing with every order.

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