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Casper Mattress Sale: Improve Your Sleep From $195 Today

When buying one of the best mattresses, Casper always stands out among the crowd. With so many great products made by Casper, it can be hard to know where to begin when buying a new mattress. We’re on hand to help you figure things out. Read on while we guide you through the best Casper mattress deals, and share some information about each one to help you make the right direction. But like most mattress sales, these offers won’t last long, with some sizes already out of the stock, so act fast.

Casper Mattress Sale: Best Deals Today

  • Casper Snug — from $195, was from $325
  • Casper Essential — from $335, was from $395
  • Casper Nova Mattress — $766, was $1095
  • Casper Wave Mattress — from $1046, was from $1495

Casper Snug — from $195, was from $325

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Why Buy:

  • Breathable foam layer
  • Stylish look
  • Durable support
  • Inexpensive

The Casper Snug was originally sold at Target and while it’s getting a little old now by modern mattress standards, it’s more than competent enough. Known as the 2019 model, which really isn’t that long ago, it means that you get to enjoy a sweet mattress for a lot less than usual. It looks pretty great, even before you put a sheet on it. Minimalist yet stylish, it packs a lot into that remarkably thin shape, reminding you why it was worth investing in a great mattress. After all, sleep is important, right? Its key component is its breathable, open-cell foam layer. That allows fresh air to flow through all night long so you won’t find yourself kicking off the covers anywhere near as much as before. On top of that layer is a breathable top foam that feels great when supporting your weight.

Of course, no mattress is about one form of support. There’s also a durable support foam that keeps you comfier for longer. Effectively, it’s all been designed for ultimate comfort at a great price. As with all Casper mattresses, it comes in a box before fluffing out to take up just the right amount of room for your needs. CertiPur certified, you know you’re onto a good thing here. While the mattress might be older than others, it still has a 10-year limited warranty so you know you’re in safe hands here.

Simply put, if you’re on a tight budget but still want the indulgence of a Casper mattress, the Casper Snug is the one you need. It gets the job done well, ensuring you get plenty of comfort while you snooze without ever feeling too hot either. Consider it your ideal introduction to sleeping and relaxing in comfort.

Casper Essential — from $335, was from $395

casper mattress bedframe

Why Buy:

  • Three layers of foam support
  • Memory foam
  • Open-cell design
  • Ideal for comfy snoozing

Offering some of what you would expect from the best memory foam mattresses, the Casper Essential has all the key essentials you could need from a good quality mattress. It’s designed with three layers of foam so you get maximum support, breathability, and bounce, too. After all, no one wants too firm a bed but you also want a certain amount of give as well. This is the ideal sweet spot so it always feels good to get into bed.

The key element you’ll be considering is the memory foam involved. It supports all your pressure points while cradling your curves, too. Whatever your body shape, the Casper Essential is going to feel good. It’s ideally suited if you suffer from aches and pains or enjoy working out and need to rest up. For side-sleepers, your curves are always well looked after, too. An open-cell design and breathable materials also mean you don’t have to worry about overheating. Instead, you can sleep cool all night long thanks to this well-designed set of layers. A base foam also reinforces the top layers so you get improved durability at all times. Ever feel like you’re sinking in your old bed? The Casper Essential will alleviate those concerns and simply make you feel great all over again.

Effectively, the Casper Essential is a great balance of excellent features while being highly affordable. it might be a little firm for some users but for the majority of people, they’re going to love how secure it all feels. It even offers great edge support for the price so you shouldn’t have to worry about falling off at any time. Luxurious yet far from expensive, the Casper Essential is a dream for most users to sleep on.

Casper Nova Mattress — $766, was $1,095

Casper Wave
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Why Buy:

  • Seven zones of targeted support
  • Fantastic airflow
  • Made with all foam
  • Plenty of support

The Casper Nova Mattress is an ideal option if you need plenty of support while you rest or sleep. It has an impressive seven zones of targeted support so it’s capable of providing you with plenty of protection. Unlike its Casper Nova Mattress Hybrid sibling, there are no coils to deal with. Instead, the Casper Nova Mattress uses an all-foam level of protection. That means open-cell foam along with memory foam, support foam, and more. It’s incredibly soft thanks to that, because no one can resist the comfort that comes from that much foam. If you’re worried about there being so many foam layers that it feels too warm, that’s certainly not the case.

That’s thanks to the Casper Nova Mattress using AirScape 2 technology which gives you double the airflow so you can keep comfortably cool at all times. We’ve all had times when we get too hot in bed and old-fashioned memory foam didn’t help. Fortunately, the Casper Nova Mattress is made from modern materials that mean this really isn’t a problem.

The exterior of the Casper Nova Mattress is so comfy that you could potentially even sleep on it without worrying about putting a sheet on it. With so much foam, it’s well-suited for both side sleepers and back sleepers, as it curves well into your body providing plenty of support. While it might lack the springs of the hybrid model, you still get plenty of bounce and airflow so you’ll soon wonder why you ever considered needing springs. Expertly designed over a long period of time by Casper, you get all the benefits of a plush top layer without having to sacrifice the support that comes from other firm mattresses. It’s the ideal mix of comfort and coolness, all wrapped up into one nice shell.

Casper Wave Mattress — from $1,046, was from $1,495

The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress in a bedroom.
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Why Buy:

  • Perfect for aches and pains
  • Great cooling
  • Medium firmness
  • Excellent construction

The Casper Wave Mattress is designed with easing aches and pains in mind. Specifically targeting anyone who has problems sleeping well because of either temporary or chronic complaints, the Casper Wave Mattress offers up extensive added support and cooling. Its firmness is medium in level so it suits pretty much all people’s needs with the memory foam also feeling suitably neutral yet comfortable. It’s soft yet bouncy while still feeling suitably secure too. That’s thanks to its multilayered approach that means you get all the benefits of memory foam while still enjoying some cooling technology, too.

While the Casper Wave Mattress has been overtaken by the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress, it comes with five layers of supportive and cooling foam that mean you soon forget the need for springs. Zoned support means continuous ergonomic support throughout your body, from your head to your toe. Also, there are supportive gel pods that help keep your spine in proper alignment and actually prove more supportive than foam on its own. Elsewhere is AirScape 3 which means a cooling gel keeps your bed cool throughout the night, while three layers of perforated foam further help out here.

The Casper Wave Mattress is a perfect example of what can be accomplished with an all-foam design. For many people, there’s simply no need for the added support that springs bring as foam works well for that purpose. With each foam layer offering a different form of assistance, from a strong foundation to latex foam for breathability and those all-important perforated layers, there’s plenty to sink into whether resting or napping on the Casper Wave Mattress. It’s the kind of design that’s best for those that need extra support under their hips or trunk, but ultimately, everything feels good when snoozing on the Casper Wave Mattress. Don’t forget that motion isolation is a dream here, too, making it ideal for shared sleeping arrangements.

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