4 Surprising Destinations That Will Pay You to Move There

These days, the concept of “home” is blurring as more people are choosing to live everywhere. If you’re the digital nomadic sort — the kind of person who doesn’t like being tied to anywhere for more than a few months — these four destinations will pay you to move there (at least temporarily).

Tulsa, Oklahoma

tulsa oklahoma
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Tulsa Remote has become a model of success for remote worker programs in the U.S. In 2019, it planned to lure 20 newcomers to Tulsa. It proved so successful that the actual number was closer to 100. For 2020, the program is back and seeking an additional 250 workers. Participants receive $10,000 (divided among upfront relocation expenses and monthly living stipends), access to a high-tech downtown coworking space, and the tools to start building new social and professional circles within the city. If you’re not sold on the idea of moving to Oklahoma, consider that the city is extremely affordable (housing prices are 40% below the national average), has plenty of under-the-radar breweries, restaurants, and attractions, and is ranked among the best in the country for entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Topeka, Kansas

topeka kansas
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In the same vein as Tulsa Remote, Kansas’ state capital debuted its Choose Topeka program. New for 2020, the initiative aims to draw new residents into the city as a way to boost the local economy. The immediate incentives are quite attractive: $15,000 for newcomers who purchase a home in Topeka, while renters receive $10,000. If that’s not enough to raise an eyebrow, consider the city’s low cost of living. The average price of a single-family home is just $125,000, while the average renter spends only $762 per month with utilities. The city is looking for up to 60 new residents, and applications are now open.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile
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Santiago has been a pioneer of remote worker programs since 2010. That year, the Chilean capital launched Start-Up Chile, an initiative that promises entrepreneurs as much as $40,000 to move to the city and start their own business. For 2020, there are two options: one is available for startups that are less than three years old, and another is specifically for women-owned startups. Program participants receive a 12-month work visa, membership at a state-of-the-art coworking space, and direct access to the city’s most influential business contacts.


downtown maine
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Maine might well be the most quintessential New England state (sorry, Massachusetts). But, it seems it’s not quite sexy enough to retain its young residents or even attract newcomers. To combat its declining youth population, the state devised a creative way to lure potential Mainers: By helping new residents pay off their student debt. Through the Opportunity Maine Tax Credit, if you move to Maine, any money paid toward your student loans is deducted from your owed state income tax. There are a few basic qualifications: Residents must have lived in the state for nine out of 12 months for the previous tax year, and they must have worked within the state (even if their employer is located elsewhere). Those with a Bachelor’s degree in a STEM-related field (science, technology, engineering, or math) can also receive extra financial incentives.

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