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The 9 Best Essential Oils for Better Sleep and Relaxation

Adding Natural Aromatic Essential Oil Into Air Humidifier.

Although small in size (and amount), essential oils pack a powerful punch! These versatile oils have been used for centuries in natural remedies to alleviate a legion of ailments, including insomnia. Whether you’re applying essential oils topically or adding them to your favorite oil diffuser, incorporating them into your nightly routine can help heighten your sleep experience so you wake up rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day.

As anyone with insomnia will tell you, counting sheep just doesn’t cut it. An estimated 1/3 of Americans don’t get enough sleep, and it’s no surprise the role that daily stressors of life can have on our ability to sleep. Essential oils are an affordable and natural solution to not only help you get better sleep but to promote a sleep environment that is free from stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.

Much like taking care of your face or hair, how to apply essential oils is highly personal. You might prefer the floral scent of jasmine, or perhaps you’re more inclined to the more robust woodsy scent of cedarwood — you might even like to mix and match scents to get a blended combination of several different notes. However you decide to customize your essential oils to best fit your needs, if you’re not using them, now is the time to do so.

What essential oils are good for sleeping? Well have have you covered with our round-up of essential oils to help enhance your overall sleep experience.

Now Essential Oils, Cedarwood Oil

cedarwood essential oil for inducing sleep.

Inhaling Cedarwood helps trigger the release of serotonin in the brain which in turn, converts to melatonin. Cedarwood is well known for its warm and woodsy aroma and can be applied to your wrists to help induce peaceful sleep.

Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil

lavendar oil for better sleep.

Much like cedarwood, lavender is one best essential oils for sleep. Lavender is popular for improving overall sleep quality and for reducing anxiety to help ease your mind. Numerous studies have indicated that lavender essential oil helps to lower heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure, all of which mirrors how the body naturally prepares itself for sleep.

Gya Labs Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

chamomile essential oil to reduce anxiety.

Just like sipping some herbal chamomile tea to help quell your insomnia, chamomile essential oil is great to add to your diffuser. Chamomile affects the same parts of the brain and nervous system that a traditional anti-anxiety medication would to promote a restful night.

Edens Garden Valerian Essential Oil

valerian oil to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Valerian Root is one of the most powerful herbs for sleep. Whether you ingest it (tea or supplement) or inhale it, you can expect it to help you reach that deep sleep. One word of advice; because of its powerful scent, you might want to mix it in with vanilla, or any other scent of your choice.

Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

ylang ylang essential oil to help alleviate stress, anxiety and to help sleep.

This fruity, flowery, and rich scented essential oil has been the subject of plenty of studies that have shown there are plenty of benefits to incorporating ylang ylang into your routine. Although ylang ylang may not be quite the potent sleep remedy that lavender is, you’ll still feel relaxed. In addition, ylang ylang is shown to reduce blood pressure, slow down your pulse, and help your brain release itself of negative emotions.

SenseLab Sandalwood Essential Oil

sandalwood essential oil for better sleep.

Research has shown that Sandalwood can have sedative effects which promote non-REM sleep and reduce wakefulness making it a great essential oil for insomnia. Sandalwood is similar to cedarwood with its rich, woody scent, but tends to run on the more expensive side. You’ll typically find sandalwood premixed with a carrier oil such as jojoba.

Aura Cacia Jasmine Absolute in Jojoba Oil

sensual jasmine for better sleep.

Jasmine has a sweet, floral scent and has been shown to release Gaba, the chemical that promotes rest and reduces anxiety. Some studies have also indicated that jasmine lowers anxiety more effectively than lavender.

Artnaturals 100% Pure Bergamot Essential Oil

bergamot citrus essential oils for restful sleep.

Although citrus essential oils are generally used for giving you a boost of energy, bergamot is calming. This oil is great to help you prepare for sleep because of its ability to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Gya Labs Clary Sage Essential Oil

clary sage for stress relief.

Clary sage has been shown to reduce cortisol levels (the hormone that causes stress). If you have higher cortisol levels it can negatively impact your circadian rhythm which results in nights of restlessness. So if you find yourself unable to fall asleep because of anxiety, give this essential oil try.

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