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Best Cheap Air Mattress Sales and Deals for March 2021

Where and how you sleep is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to how the rest of your day plays out. That’s why it’s worth seeking out the best mattress sales so you get a great deal and a more comfy way of sleeping at night. When it comes to the ideal cheap air mattress, we’ve also got you covered with plenty of air mattress sales going on, plus a look at the best way to choose the right cheap air mattress for you. Read on as we lay out all the best air mattress deals currently out there.

Best Air Mattress Sales

How to Choose an Air Mattress

A cheap air mattress is a great idea but only if you find the right one for your needs, otherwise it’s a false economy. Before checking out the air mattress sales going on right now, it’s worth taking the time to consider how to choose an air mattress. We’ve already looked at the best air mattresses for camping, but we also have even more advice on what to look for. One of the biggest things is to consider whether you need a raised or low profile air mattress:

  • Raised profile air mattress. A raised profile air mattress typically has the same height as a normal bed. That means it’s mainly designed for indoor use, such as if you want to rest on it yourself or if you’ve got guests staying and need to add a mattress to your home for a couple of nights. They take up more space which is why they’re better for indoor usage.
  • Low profile air mattress. Low-profile air mattresses are typically smaller and flat. They’re lower to the ground but that means they can be easily rolled up which is perfect if you need to put them in a backpack or store them in your camper van. They’ll fit well into a tent. Check out air mattress deals for this type of mattress if you’re planning on a lot of outdoor trips.

Once you’ve figured out what type of mattress to go for in the air mattress sales, it’s important to consider what size you need. Do you need the smallest air mattress out there just to fit one person or would a cheap air mattress that’s the equivalent of a king-sized mattress be more your style? If you’re planning on fitting the air mattress into your car, you’ll want to confirm it’ll actually fit, too. Don’t forget to measure!

Consider the comfort level as well. Some air mattresses are able to contain more air than others, and more air generally means the mattress feels firmer. It’s a matter of personal taste as to what you might prefer. If you’re going to be traveling with this air mattress then an air mattress that’s lightweight and thin will generally be preferable to a heavyweight one that provides a firmer night’s sleep.

Some air mattresses also provide quirky features like a blue LED light or even a USB port. In the case of outdoor use, you probably won’t need or want these, but a night light is a neat idea if you’re planning on using it indoors frequently. Don’t be afraid to avoid air mattress sales where there are features you know you simply won’t use.

Finally, don’t forget to check how the air mattress inflates. Many will come with some kind of pump — either wall socket-powered or battery-powered, but there are some air mattress deals that will require you to use a foot pump to get all the air in. The latter is good if you want to be truly self-sufficient but if you just need a spare cheap air mattress at home then the more power, the better.

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