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Get Ready for Music, Comedy, and Mayhem From Adult Swim This Weekend

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Adult Swim is promising “a year’s worth of fun crammed into the best two days of your life,” this weekend. Not a bad offer. 

Beginning Nov. 12 and streaming through Nov. 13, Adult Swim is bringing its annual Adult Swim Festival to anywhere that you might be celebrating via YouTube (with HBO Max exclusive bonuses). For approximately 11 hours per day over this Friday and Saturday, Cartoon Network’s adult programming has an entertainment-packed schedule that includes panels, screenings, musical performances, and much more. Let’s dig into the details to unearth the highlights that you won’t want to miss.

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Things kick right into gear with the first event on Friday afternoon, a Mr. Pickles watch party. Mr. Pickles is a very good dog who loves pickles and is Little Tommy Goodman’s best friend in the world. The adorable mutt, however, also happens to be a bloodthirsty beast possessed by the devil who secretly slips away to kill and mutilate countless victims. The ridiculous concept fits right into Adult Swim’s alternative aesthetic.

Along with Mr. Pickles, each watch party playlist includes fan-favorite episodes selected by series creators. And each watch party will feature a live chat where viewers can get real-time reactions and insight into these classic Adult Swim shows. The watch party lineup includes hits like Rick and Morty, The Eric Andre Show, and Robot Chicken. In addition, the channel is bringing back past favorites like Sealab 2021, and Metalocalypse

Adult Swim Festival Panel

Streaming parties are great, but what would a geek event like the Adult Swim Festival be like without the addition of panels? A Rick and Morty panel will challenge the global voice cast to determine who is the “Rickiest Rick” in the multiverse. Then, viewers can head back to the Blue Ridge Mountains for the Squidbillies panel with series creators and cast who will reflect upon memorable squid moments while celebrating the show’s final season. Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans can join the cast and crew to take a sentimental journey through favorite moments and look at what’s ahead for Master Shake, Meatwad, and Frylock. Making its festival debut, Blade Runner: Black Lotus will dive deep into the Blade Runner franchise universe alongside producers and directors. 

While these watch parties and panels will satisfy animated fans, it’s the music that’s going to bring the masses. Never-before-seen performances will be highlighted by the world premiere of Run The Jewels’ Never Look Back music video, as directed by John Hillcoat, at 8:50 p.m. on Friday night. 

This is just one spot on an entire leopard-skin coat of tunes, though. Live music will arrive from the likes of Angel Olsen, 21 Savage, Flying Lotus, and Lil Baby. Streaming sets will come from Alien Weaponry, Moor Mother, Jessica Pratt, Colin Stetson, and many more. 

If ludicrous and hilarious ‘toons and live music don’t satisfy your palate, the festival is even hosting three comedians on Saturday: Negin Farsad, Jo Firestone, and Joe Pera, Adult Swim’s host of Joe Pera Talks with You. Pera will even chat with you during the show’s watch party following his set. 

When to Watch

Fluff that couch cushion and get your desk chair’s ergonomic settings ready. Events kickoff tomorrow at 1:05 p.m. EST. For highlights and a full schedule, scroll over to

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