Outrageous futuristic homes that are actually available for purchase

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For the past few decades, the classic image of “home” has remained rather static. Most folks picture a rectangular home with a traditional garage and a triangular roof. While that’s been the standard for quite a while, there are some pretty nutty ideas out there that are shaking things up. In this post, we’d like to present a few sweet-looking homes of the future that are either available now or will be soon.

1. Action Mobil Globecruiser


If the idea of owning a motorhome appeals to you, you might as well do it goddamn right. Instead of messing around with those stiff, topheavy motor homes, check out the almighty Globecruiser, made by Austrian company Action Mobil. This all-terrain motorhome certainly won’t be winning any awards for efficiency, but it just might for comfort and luxury. There’s nothing flimsy about the Globecruiser — it’s a high-end condo on wheels, and a pretty stellar way to survive the zombie apocalypse, we might add. As for the price, well, it’s somewhere in the ballpark of $600,000, plus another small fortune to fill up the tank. So, yeah — probably not in your budget.


2. Ecocapsule Portable Home


And now for the polar opposite of the Globecruiser — something to get the taste of 5 miles/gallon out of your mouth. The Ecocapsule Portable Home, brought to us by the adorably named Nice Architects, comes with everything you could want for efficient living: a wind turbine, solar cells, and the ability to collect rainwater. The Ecocapsule can comfortably fit two adults, and boasts a kitchenette, shower, toilet, dining area, and even storage space. No word on the price yet, but they should be available for purchase in the first half of 2016.


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3. The Floating Seahorse


If you prefer your hypothetical homes to be stationary — well, kind of stationary — you might be interested in The Floating Seahorse. These maritime dwellings will be built off the coast of Dubai (no surprise there), and are set to be completed in 2017. This partially underwater home will have a spa with a glass bottom, about 1,700 square feet of luxurious space, and a price tag of at least $1.4 million. It’s the kind of house that makes you feel like an eccentric billionaire/Bond villain, because, let’s face it — if you can afford this home, you probably are.


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