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Everything we know about 28 Years Later: Release date, cast, and more

What's coming up in 28 Years Later? Here's what we know so far.

Cillian Murphy runs from a zombie on fire in 28 Days Later.
Sony Pictures

In 2002, 28 Days Later paved the way for a zombie revival that included The Walking Dead comic book series and the TV series, as well as countless imitators. For the first time in years, zombies were all the rage thanks to director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Alex Garland. That film was also one of the first breakout roles for Cillian Murphy, the reigning Best Actor-winner at the Oscars for his leading role in Oppenheimer. Murphy played Jim, a bicycle courier who woke up from a coma and discovered a world that he barely recognized.

There was a sequel, 28 Weeks Later, in 2007. But Boyle and Garland never got around to making 28 Months Later. But now, over two decades after the original film was released, 28 Years Later is finally happening, and it’s coming to theaters next year.

To get ready for one of the most-anticipated horror sequels of 2025, we’re sharing everything we know about 28 Years Later.

Is there more than one sequel coming?

A man runs from the infected in 28 Weeks Later.
Sony Pictures

Yes. While 28 Years Later is the third film in the franchise, it’s also meant to be the first of a new trilogy of movies set in that world. Boyle will direct 28 Years Later, while Garland is writing all three of the movies in the new trilogy. Additionally, Candyman director Nia DaCosta has signed on to direct the second film in the new trilogy.

Who’s starring in 28 Years Later?

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve.
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Only a handful of performers have currently been confirmed for 28 Years Later, but it’s an impressive cast. The leading roles will be played by Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ralph Fiennes, and Jack O’Connell. Details about their characters, including their names, are not available at the moment.

Will Cillian Murphy be back for 28 Years Later?

Cillian Murphy in 28 Days Later.
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That’s the biggest question. The conditional answer is yes, Murphy will appear in the movie as Jim. However, it’s unclear if Murphy will have a sizable role or if his appearance will simply be a cameo. While speaking to Deadline, Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman broke the news that Murphy is returning “but in a surprising way and in a way that grows, let me put it that way.”

Murphy did not return for 28 Weeks Later, but it’s assumed that Jim survived since he was alive at the end of the first movie. But if Jim was a bike messenger in the first film, what will he be when he returns? Somehow, we doubt that he returned to his previous profession.

Are the infected in 28 Days Later the same as zombies?

The infected in 28 Days Later.
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Not quite. Zombies are dead, and they don’t tend to be able to move very quickly. The rage virus in 28 Days Later and its sequel can only infect the living, but it transforms everyone into homicidal maniacs who sprint after any of the uninfected that they see.

When will 28 Years Later be released?

Promo art for 28 Weeks Later.
Sony Pictures

The official release date for 28 Years Later is June 20, 2025. The second movie in the new trilogy doesn’t have a date.

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