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Three Handsome Leather Accessories for Smart Travelers

Smart travelers know that traveling well starts with good luggage. But, it doesn’t end there. These three handsome, well-designed leather accessories provide everything you need to stay secure, organized, and charged-up on the go.

Tech Dopp Kit 2 (by This Is Ground)

One day, we’ll live and travel in a world without wires. For now, we’re stuck trying to make sense of a bundle of charging cables, power bricks, and spare battery packs for our myriad electronics. This Is Ground’s catalog is here to help your luggage organizing endeavors. Their Tech Dopp Kit 2 Grande is large enough to wrangle your gadget accouterments (like travel mice, earbuds, power adapters, and the like) via a clever series of built-in straps and holsters. A single zippered inner pouch is ideal for containing smaller bits like USB flash drives. The entire affair zips up inside a beautiful, cognac-colored, full-grain leather shell.

Tech Dopp Kit 2

Buy now on Huckberry for $249.98 USD (with free shipping)

Travel Smart Wallet (by Volterman)

We’ve covered plenty of smart luggage, but what about smart wallets? Volterman’s Travel Smart Wallet packs a surprising amount of useful tech into an ordinary-looking wallet. The built-in Wi-Fi hotspot offers the added convenience of always-on internet connectivity no matter where in the world you are. Volterman even promises roaming data rates that are up to three times cheaper than typical U.S. providers. Global GPS ensures you’ll always know your wallet’s exact location with real-time tracking via the connected smartphone app. Should thieves ever take your wallet for a walk, it will activate “lost mode.” A tiny, built-in camera will then snap pics of anyone who opens it and email the evidence to you. An integrated powerbank also ensures that the camera, the hotspot, and you will always have backup juice when you need it. The crowdfunded project hasn’t yet gone into production, but with more than 1,000% funding (as of July 2017), it certainly looks like it will.

Volterman Bifold in the box

Pre-order now with early bird pricing via Indiegogo for $157 USD (includes free worldwide shipping)

Slim Leather Charging Wallet (by Nomad)

If a smart wallet is a little too much tech for your needs, Nomad offers a simple, well-designed alternative that’s perfect for travelers. Their Slim Leather Charging Wallet is thin and minimalist, designed to hold just enough cash and cards. But, the real win for travelers is the integrated micro-powerbank that provides one full charge for an iPhone 6s. RFID-blocking technology offers added security for your cards. On the outside, the Horween leather shell ages beautifully over time with a unique patina.

nomad leather charging wallet

Buy now on Huckberry for $99.98 USD (with free shipping)

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