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Get to the Choppa! For $15,000, You Can Play Navy SEAL For a Day in Hawaii

Ever feel like you missed your calling as a special forces operative? Maybe playing paintball and backcountry camping on the weekends is enough to fill that void. If not, one unique Hawaiian company is giving average Joes the opportunity to be a Navy SEAL for a day, and it’s no drill.

Four Seasons

What Trident Adventures offers is no ordinary “playing commando in the woods” experience. The aptly named Navy SEAL for a Day Adventure is designed to show citizens what the world’s most elite special ops forces do all day. The package hits every letter in the acronym: “Se” (sea), “A” (air), and “L” (land). The day starts with a Jason Bourne-worthy helicopter dive into the ocean, followed by an hour-long exploration of Oahu’s azure waters via snorkel or scuba.

Tour-goers then head to the North Side of Oahu to meet and train with a retired U.S. Navy SEAL at the secluded Lazy L Ranch. There, they’ll learn real-life tactical shooting amid one of the state’s largest selections of military firearms. The four-hour experience includes time firing pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even sniper rifles. To experience the “A” in SEAL, the adventure concludes with a 10,000-foot tandem helicopter skydive off the coast of Oahu. Just make sure to clinch a Bowie knife in your teeth on the way down. Otherwise, what’s the point?

The experience is backed by plenty of military cred. Trident Adventures was founded by a legit pair of ex-Navy SEALs keen to share the beauty of Hawaii with outsiders. The duo partnered with Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina to tailor a unique, one-of-a-kind package the luxury resort could offer its guests.

The once-in-a-lifetime Navy SEAL for a Day Adventure is available for an eye-popping $15,000 per person, or couples can book the experience for $25,000 total. Of course, if you’re the sort of hotshot who vacations at places like The Four Seasons Oahu, we imagine that won’t be an issue. If that is too rich for your blood, however, Trident Adventures offers each of the above experiences a la carte.

For an alternative, bucket-list-worthy military-grade experience, head to Wyoming’s Nomad Rifleman Sniper School where you’ll learn to shoot a target at more than a mile away.