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The best men’s swim shirts for hitting up the pool or beach

You love outdoor water sports but often leave the lake with painful sunburns or scratched up skin. With the right men’s swim shirt, the sun will no longer keep you from being out all day. We’ve discovered some of the best swimwear brands on the market and reviewed them here to help you choose.

Also called a rash guard, a long sleeve swim shirt is a staple for surfers, water sports enthusiasts, and really, anybody who spends time outdoors under the sun. If you’re not feeling confident about rocking your bod at the beach, browsing through this collection of swimming T-shirts can help you find a solution.

Deservedly, polyester is the No. 1 fabric for its quick dry time and breathability when worn out of water. Additionally, short-sleeved styles are best for non-surfers and can be worn beyond swimming. Let’s dive right in and see which shirt works for you.

Amazon Essentials Men's Short-Sleeve Tee

Best Lightweight

Amazon Essentials’ swim shirt is the most lightweight choice on our list, thanks to a pure polyester and UPF fabric assembly. Fitting more loosely than the typical rash guard, it’s a comfortable alternative you can wear all day long. Exposed white stitching and raglan seams give this plain black shirt more personality so you can wear it as a casual shirt on any given day.

Speedo Men's UV Swim Tee

Best Quick-Dry

Speedo’s short-sleeved swim tee is best worn when you need a shirt that lets you move around freely. This loose-fitting shirt dries quickly and protects you from sun rays up to 50+ UPF, making it the best choice for activities like beach volleyball or water skiing.

Kanu Surf Men's Swim Shirt

Best Breathability

The Kanu Surf rash guard is a short-sleeved style shirt that doubles as an everyday casual top. A two-tone design features one main color with black side panels for a flattering effect. Wear the shirt to the beach or for walks and garden work during warm days, thanks to a breathable material that’s UPF 50+.

Swimming shirts are a practical coverup at the beach. They keep sunburns away and let you walk around the pool confidently. Beyond sports and enjoying the water, these swimming T-shirts also work as casual wear when you need a breathable top. Choose any of the men’s swim shirts on our list for a versatile shirt you can use throughout summer.