Summer Thrills: All 16 American Six Flags Parks, Ranked

Six Flags Magic Mountain California

Summer is the best time for theme parks. Everyone is out of school/college and they provide plenty to keep everyone occupied for a full day. Six Flags is the golden standard for parks across the US – their sheer variety of parks, rides and attractions puts them a cut above the rest. To help you decide which one is right for you, we’ve ranked all 16 Six Flags Parks in the country (with brief notes about their placement):

15. Waterworld California – Concord, California

Waterworld Concord California

Photo Courtesy of Brian Shamblen/Flickr

While it has several interesting water slides, they all end up being fairly generic and not the least enthralling, which puts it at the bottom of our list.

14. Over Texas – Arlington, Texas

Plenty of character-based rides should keep the kiddos entertained all day long, but if you’re not into that vibe, you’ll be hard-pressed to have a good time. It’s a niche market that puts this park lower-down on our list.

13. The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom – Lake George, New York

Boomerang coast to coaster Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom Queesbury NY

An indoor water park is a nice feature, but this park has many of the same options as others. The cheesiness of most of the attractions leaves Splashwater at unlucky number 13.

12. Six Flags America – Baltimore, Maryland

What’s great about this park is the variety. What’s not so great is the mediocre options compared to other parks. It’s middle of the road when compared to the higher-ranking options.

11. New England – Agawam, Massachusetts

Sky Screamer Six Flags New England

The “World’s Tallest Ride” (The Sky Screamer) is a gigantic swing ride that salvages this otherwise routine amusement park.

10. Great Adventure & Safari – Jackson, New Jersey

One of the more manageable parks features “El Toro” – a long winding coaster perfect for long summer days. The park has a little bit of everything – there’s plenty for younger kids and some for those a bit older, too.

9. Hurricane Harbor – Arlington, Texas

A resort-style theme park with decent separation between the thrill rides and easier options. It’s large wading pool is a unique offering that elevates it above the middle of the pack. This park is in proximity to Six Flags Over Texas.

8. St. Louis – St. Louis, Missouri

If your stomach doesn’t turning while watching the preview for Spinsanity, you’ve got a stronger constitution than we do. It’s a thrilling ride that we’re curious to try. Once we do, St. Louis may move farther up the list.

7. Discovery Kingdom – Vallejo, California

No better way to satisfy the animal lover in your life – who doesn’t love a 4D monkey experience? It’s also close to San Francisco, making it a plausible day trip.

6. Hurricane Harbor – Jackson, New Jersey

Certainly one of the more competitive parks in the lineup. Plenty of multi-lane slides await just two hours south of New York City.

5. Magic Mountain – Los Angeles, California

Six Flags Magic Mountain California

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Thompson/Flickr

At this park about an hour north of LA, comic fans will get a thrill out of the new Revolution Galactic Attack VR ride and a Justice League attraction opening this summer. It’s great when paired with Hurricane Harbor (read on).

3. (tie) White Water – Atlanta, Georgia

A 700,000-gallon wave pool puts this one near the top of our list. And being located near Atlanta means you’re going to need one that big.

3. (tie) Fiesta Texas – San Antonio, Texas

Fiesta Six Flags San Antonio Texas

When the weather is sweltering, there are few phrases better than the “world’s largest rocket blast water coaster”.

2. Over Georgia – Atlanta, Georgia

Water and land options abound, including Acrophobia, which drops riders 20 stories and nearly 200 feet. The quality and the variety of the attractions and rides here puts it one back from the top spot.

1. Hurricane Harbor – Valencia, California

The new Bonzai Pipelines launches you six stories in free fall to a pool below. It’s one of many thrills at this park. Need we say more? It’s the perfect cool down right across the street from Magic Mountain.

Featured Image Courtesy of Jeremy Thompson/Flickr