Turn your Dirt Bike into a Snow Bike

turn dirt bike snow timbersled mountain horse
If a snowmobile and a motorcycle ever bumped uglies somehow, the illegitimate child that would be born nine months later would probably look a lot like this.

Actually, that’s a crappy analogy. We take it back. On second thought, it’s more like a motorsport Frankenstein than the offspring of two horny recreational vehicles, because it wasn’t actually born looking like this. This beast is an unnatural amalgamation of parts, created against all the laws of God and Man just for your entertainment.

What you’re looking at is the Mountain Horse snow bike kit, and with just a few bolts –no other modifications whatsoever– the kit can be affixed to your dirt bike and transform it into an unholy snow-shredding beast. The kit attaches onto most dirt bikes and comes completely assembled and ready to install – it includes everything you need to convert your dirt bike into a snowbike.

The thing is, it costs about 4-6 grand depending on which kit you opt for, which is basically what’d you pay for a regular old snomobile. So why buy this? According to testimonials, the snowbike is considerably lighter than a traditional snowmobile, which means it allows for greater maneuverability and control. We haven’t ridden one of these badboys ourselves, but based on our excellent knowledge of physics, we’re willing to bet that a snomobike isn’t nearly as stable as the original.

But that remains to be seen. We’re on a mission to conduct some in-depth research on this one, so we’ll get back to you in a couple weeks with some solid empirical evidence to back up our claims.


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