How to Create a Fun and Functional Outdoor Living Room

outdoor living rooms

You’ve seen the pictures. Beautiful outdoor spaces that are so well-balanced and artfully designed that they become a warm-weather extension to your home. When you’re checking out the latest designer spaces, the idea of creating your own summer-winning outdoor living room can be a little intimidating, but rest assured! If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can win the whole summer with your own fun, functional space.

Start with a Smart Foundation

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For a coordinated look, keep most of your furniture simple and uniform and rely on accents to fully form your room’s color and personality. You don’t have to shy away from a statement piece, but be careful not to overdo it or you could end up with a confusing and cluttered space.

Define Your Space


Vintage German Bistro Table and Charis by Bambeco

To make sure that you and your guests can truly get comfortable in your outdoor living room, arrange furniture to create a wide variety of functional spaces. For example, you can maximize a previously forgotten corner by adding a bistro set or dining table and use a coordinating sectional to create a separate seating section for lounging and conversation.

Embrace The Outdoors

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While you may want to install a pergola or other structure to add some protection and privacy to your outdoor living room, you don’t want to lose the “outdoor” entirely. Consider using hedges or strong-lined topiary (something simple, no elephants or leaping dolphins please) to create green barriers that let you enjoy nature and privacy at the same time.

Light It Up


Why waste those sweet summer nights by moving back indoors after dusk? There are plenty of ways to create an outdoor living room that doesn’t have to shut down at sundown. A fire pit can act as a centerpiece and provide extra light to your room (and some extra warmth during the cooler months). String lights, lanterns, and outdoor fixtures can add personality and keep your evenings bright, too.

Create Focus and Purpose

For an outdoor space you can really live in, it’s not enough just to drop some classy furniture onto a concrete slab and start shooting out party invitations. A straight-from-the-catalog patio may look picture perfect, but you’re much more likely to use and enjoy the space if it’s filled with elements of your own personality. There’s no need to go chain-pub tacky – you can easily mix style, function, and personality, by creating a focal point and choosing pieces that complement it.

For a Zen Zone


If you’re looking to create a place to zen out, an interesting fountain or water feature can be a relaxing touch. Combine it with bright or lightly-weathered furniture to create a breezy, coastal space or choose modern profiles and deep, smooth finishes for a more spa-like atmosphere.

For Rustic Dining

For a room that fully embraces its natural surroundings, use living wall planters to make a jolly green statement that centers your space. Pull the outdoors into the space even more by complimenting your living wall with live-edge tables, wicker chairs, and furniture you can plant in.

For Weekend Rivalries


Chatham Ultimate Bar by Pottery Barn

If you’re looking forward to a little extra heat this summer, create your own outdoor sports haven by complimenting a mounted television with an outdoor bar and a refrigerator that’s built to withstand the elements. For those game-day drizzles, add a cabana to help protect the space from inclement weather.

For Entertainment

outdoor living rooms platts furniture for a tropical pool with and historic by campion platt interiors

For summer movie or game nights, focus your room around an outdoor movie screen with some plush seating and you won’t even need to leave home to soak up this summer (but you probably should at some point). Up the relaxation game by adding in an inviting outdoor daybed, and add some extra functionality with a buffet for concessions.

However you decide to set up your outdoor living room, following these simple guidelines will help you to create a stylish space to light up your summer.