Body Dryer is like a Dyson Airblade for your whole body

body dryer like dyson airblade whole
You know that high-speed blowdryer from Dyson that dries your hands so fast that it eliminates the need for hand towels — the AirBlade? Yeah, well, somebody just took that same concept a step further and developed a device that blow dries your entire body, thereby eliminating the need to use bath towels at all.

At least, that’s the theory. We haven’t had a chance to test it out and see if it works as smoothly as promised. But on paper, Body Dryer is definitely an intriguing idea. The device is essentially a compact platform that pushes highly-compressed ionized air up at strategic angles to completely dry off anyone who stands on it. Slightly larger than a typical home scale, the Body Dryer can apparently push all the water off your body in around 30 seconds.

How is this possible from a device that sits on the floor? According to the contraption’s creator, it starts by drawing air in from outside the unit and storing it in a pressurized chamber. After enough air has been collected, it’s blasted out from nozzles in the foot plate, some of which are pointing straight up, and some of which are angled slightly. This arrangement of nozzles creates a cylindrical column of air that swirls around your body, allegedly drying it with unprecedented speed.

Based on that description alone, it sounds like using Body Dryer would be brisk and borderline unpleasant. Fortunately for future users, it’s also equipped with variable temperature controls, so you aren’t forced to blast frigid air at your crotch right after you get out of the shower. (Unless, of course, that’s your thing.) This allows you to tweak it to suit your preferences each time you use it: Cold air for those hot summer days, hot air for the chilly winter months.

For now, the device only exists as a functional prototype, but its developers are planning on launching an IndieGoGo campaign in the near future to help finance large-scale production. Body Dryer will reportedly retail for $250 when it hits the market, but early contributors to the crowdfunding campaign will be able to lock one down for just $125.

What do you think – would you use something like this, or would you rather just stick with towels? Sound off in the comments below.

*This article was originally published on Digital Trends.

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