Keep Clean On the Go With the Sonny Portable Bidet

sonny portable bidet

Soccer, the metric system, unnecessarily adding a “u” to words like color — all things that never quite caught on in the U.S. Add the bidet to that list. For most men, the only use for the odd hotel bidet is as a bonus beer cooler, but there’s no denying the bidet is the most efficient, most effective, and most environmentally friendly way to clean your bits. An ambitious crowdfunded project hopes to put a portable bidet in the hands of every dirty-arsed man, woman, and child.

The Sonny Portable Bidet promises to be better than toilet paper in every way. The handheld unit features a sleek, modern design with an anodized aluminum shell that’s durable and easy to clean. It’s legitimately stylish too with an iPhone-ish look that blends into any bathroom decor. It sits horizontally on an included base to charge when not in use. Swiping up on the slide button reveals the spray head, which can alternate between standard and high-pressure settings. The built-in reservoir holds enough water for a day or so depending on use and household size. The rechargeable battery is designed to survive up to three weeks between charges.

Although it’s persisted for more than 100 years, toilet paper is a remarkably poor tool for cleaning anything. Most of us wouldn’t shower with a dry face cloth or clean our cars with a newspaper, so how wiping our rears with TP ever became a thing will forever remain a mystery. From its production to the accompanying wastewater to the fact that the average person flushes about 50 pounds of it per year, toilet paper is also brutal on the environment. All of which means it’s not a sustainable solution for earth’s ballooning population to continue “cleaning” its arses.

Unless you’re a Russian czar or have an addiction to obsessively clean nether regions, installing a bidet in every bathroom in your home probably isn’t in the cards. Wet wipes might’ve seemed like the way forward, but we’re fast learning that they most definitely are not. Bolt-on home products like Tushy are a decent alternative, but they require some installation, and they’re hardly elegant or stylish. Sonny promises to be affordable, portable, sanitary, and it looks great, making it the best option we’ve seen so far.

Crowdfunding for Sonny is underway via Indiegogo. With almost two weeks remaining on the project, it’s already reached more than 3,300% of its modest $25,000 goal. Early birds can pre-order a Sonny bidet for less than $100 — a small price to pay for keeping your cheeks and the earth clean(er). Shipping is expected to begin December 2019.

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