Attractive at Any Age: A Guy’s Guide to Skincare in His 40s

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If you’ve been smart enough to take good care of your skin while in your 20s and 30s, then your 40s should only require a few moderate additions. If you haven’t, and you’re starting to see those fine lines turn into straight up wrinkles, you may want to take a more drastic approach and investigate dermatological procedures like Botox and fillers. There’s no shame in wanting to look your best, because when you look better, you feel better, right?

What’s really going on with your skin once start going over that hill? Well, for starters: gravity. Yep, you’ve been fighting gravity for decades and it really starts to win once you hit 40. What else? Your body’s collagen (what keeps your skin “plump”) and elasticity (what let’s it bounce back from the natural aging process) have been on the decline over the last decade, but that deterioration really starts to pick up the pace.

To fend off future wrinkles (or worse), you need to up your defense against these three offenders. Below are some of our favorite skincare products to add to your good skin regime that will help fight back against this aggregate of aging. For those of you behind in the good skin game, it’s OK. Pick these up now, and you’ll certainly see some results sooner than you can say “40 is the new 30.”

Lab Series Max LS Daily Renewing Cleanser – $42
Lab Series Max LS Daily Renewing Cleanser skincare for men

Guys tend to think that in order to achieve a clean face, it’s got to squeak. It’s not true — you actually want to hold on to some of that oil. As our skin gets older, it’s gets dryer, which will only get worse if you keep using that same oil-absorbing face wash you used as a 20-something. Switch out whatever soap you’re using for this creamy cleanser from Lab Series that leaves your skin feeling fresh while helping keep that all-important moisture where it belongs: in your face.

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Malin+Goetz Resurfacing Glycolic Acid Pads – $52
malin + goetz glycolic pads skincare for men

Not only does our skin get dryer as we age, but it stops renewing itself as much as it once did. That’s called “cell renewal,” and it’s what kept your skin glowing when you were younger. To give your skin’s natural renewal process a push, use these Glycolic Pads from Malin+Goetz. The pads help fend off fine lines while keeping hyper-pigmentation, or dark spots, away. Use these bad boys once or twice a week, and you’ll notice a big difference in no time.

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SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense – $98
skinceuticals discoloration defense skincare for men

What’s one of the biggest give aways that you’re getting older? Age spots — it’s right there in the name after all. You don’t have to see spots though. Using a targeted treatment to fight them, like this Discoloration Defense from SkinCeuticals, is a necessary step if you really want to fade any surfacing darkness. Most important with any dark spot treatment? Consistency. Use this twice a day, every day, to get rid of those stubborn spots. They took years to get here, so they aren’t going down without a fight. Be patient and dedicated and you’ll definitely see results.

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Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate – $39
Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate skincare for men

Men aren’t typically the ones to grab the rich, heavy, anti-aging cream to keep hydration up and wrinkles down. Add this lightweight — no really, it’s super light — Water-Gel Concentrate from Clinique For Men to your routine after you wash and before your go-to moisturizer to give your skin a hydrating boost. You won’t even notice the gel after you put it on, but you will notice a dramatic difference in your skin. All that moisture and you didn’t even need to pick up a fancy French crème.

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Verso Night Cream – $100
Verso Night Cream skincare for men

If you haven’t gotten on board with retinol yet, then what are you waiting for? Adding this gentle, yet effective night cream from Verso is a must. Basically, you need retinol at night like you need  SPF during the day (as in, you should always use it). This cream, like the majority of Verso’s products, use a unique form of retinol – Retinol 8 – to do what other retinols can’t, which leads high power results without drying out skin. In fact, it’s so good, they even made a day cream with Retinol 8 in it (but you still need your sunscreen).

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