SculpSure is a Quick-Fix Option to Your Weight Loss Resolutions


If you are like most other people in the world who made a resolution this year, it’s likely that you want to focus on getting healthier. The dawn of a new year inspires people to eat better, take better care of themselves, and lose weight. It’s no surprise that the gyms have been packed with newbies overcrowding the treadmills, causing a wait for the elliptical machines, and hogging all the free weights. We’ve all been there. Whether we have fallen off the wagon or decided this is the year to really take it seriously, January is the start of a new routine.

But what if we told you there was a way to skip ahead on those weight-loss resolutions? That there is a way to reduce the fat from the most annoying trouble spots that, no matter how hard you work — year after year, resolution after resolution — cling there like little fatty reminders of why 80 percent of resolutions fail?

It’s not a fast-acting workout — it’s called SculpSure. It’s only been around for a little while, but it’s FDA-cleared, proven to work, and, well, it’s awesome. It won’t replace your entire workout (if you’re looking to lose a lot of weight, this is not going to work) but it will help with those pesky bits that like to hang on a little longer than you’d prefer. Let’s break it down.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive, body-contouring laser treatment that helps you achieve a slimmer, more natural looking appearance. The machine itself looks a bit like a futuristic robot from The Jetsons ready to land on your chubby parts and zap unsuspecting fat with it’s laser beams. But it’s actually a four-application laser machine that cools the skin, then heats the fat cells, rendering them powerless against metabolism. Over the next six to 12 weeks, that zapped fat finds it’s way out of your body — for good.

How Does it Work?

A SculpSure technician (best found through a dermatologist’s office) will place a belt on your desired treatment area, which is designed to hold up to four applicators in place. Once the belt is secured, the technician will attach the applicators into each belt frame. The machine turns on and the patient will feel a cooling sensation, helping keep the skin feel comfortable. Then, the laser cycles on and off, raising the temperature of the fat cells. The treatment takes 25 minutes to complete. Afterwards, you can do just about whatever you want (even work on your Jedi skills). That’s how easy it is.

Who is it Good For?

This is a perfect treatment for any guy who is overall active and healthy, but has a little bit of weight that just refuses to come off. The fact that there is no incision, no operation, and no recovery time makes it a great option for someone who wants to brag to all of his friends about it, or someone who doesn’t want to tell anyone. The weight comes off gradually over the course of a couple months, so it’s not an obvious change right away. If you want to keep this your little secret, then go right ahead. The technician and the alien machine won’t take it personally.


What is it Good For?

The areas men are most likely to look to attack are the abs, love handles, and the chin, but the procedure is good for inner and outer thighs and the back as well. Not bad. Since SculpSure can reduce belly fat and help recapture a lost jawline are reason enough for a lot of men to try it out. We all have a specific number of fat cells in our body (some of us have more and some of us have less) We can put on weight or lose it, but that doesn’t effect the amount of actual fat cells; the number remains the same without treatment. SculpSure actually decreases the number of cells in your body — they won’t coming back, resulting in permanent fat reduction. It’s not often you hear “permanent” and “no incision” to describe the same procedure.

What Can You Expect?

OK guys, we’re going to be honest with you: This isn’t a completely pain-free experience. As mentioned, it’s not going under the knife, but the saying “no pain, no gain” came from somewhere. Survey respondents that had the procedure done on one of the most common areas — the abs — reported that the pain was a 3.7 on a scale from 1 to 10. We would say it felt like we had a really good workout and were a bit sore. All and all, it’s about what you would expect if you are aggressively trying to lose some stubborn weight.

Where to Begin?

Make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle. Sure, we all order fast food here and there, and sometimes we may swap the gym for happy hour, but over all, you shouldn’t consider this as an option unless you are doing a lot the things you’re supposed to do. The rest is pretty simple. Go to the SculpSure website to find a doctor near you. Most folks need two or three treatments, which run between $1,200 and $1,500 a pop (that breaks down to about $350 per applicator). Not cheap, but a lot less than liposuction. When you have tried just about everything else, something like this can be a game changer.

SculpSure isn’t the only quick fix that’s out there, but it’s certainly one of the best given that it’s permanent. Since we are constantly inundated with images of six-pack abs and Superman-worthy jawlines, it’s no surprise men have been big fans. Who knows what the new year will bring, but play your cards right and you’ll be looking better than you did last year.