Refresh Your Eyes With These Grooming Products

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Have you ever had one of those nights where you were having way too much fun? Your friends were there, good looking women roamed around, and those beers just kept on coming. You just never wanted it to end. Next thing you know it was a bit later than you intended, and you only have a few hours until you need to be awake. When you do get out of bed a few hours later, you look like death. The alcohol puffed up your eyes, and the lack of sleep somehow made black circles form. You look like sh*t. What to do? Find a grooming product that will spring you back to life. Here are a few to try:

(Malin + Goetz) Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer
This (Malin + Goetz) Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer should be your go-to treatment. Rice bran and soja protein amino acids boost capillary circulation to make dark circles go away, puffiness go down, and wrinkles diminish. It also has a fresh scent.
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Kiehl’s Eye Alert
Kiehl’s says its Eye Alert is the “ultimate solution for eye-area fatigue after a long flight or a long night.” This product combats both dark circles and puffiness, thanks to cooling cucumber and alfalfa extracts, plus Vitamin E.
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Recipe for Men Under Eye Patches
If you have extra time and want something a little more potent than your usual eye treatment. Try the Under Eye Patches from this Swedish grooming company. Packed with aqua collagen and algae extracts, these patches will make you look refreshed and renewed.
$36 at

Recipe for Men Under Eye Gel
We recently brought this stuff with us on a trip where we never went to bed before 6am, and let us tell you. It worked wonders. Algae, cucumber and aloe vera helped soothe the delicate skin around our eyes, while caffeine helped calm down the puffiness. Nobody ever guessed that we were up until dawn.
$48 at

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energy Augen Roll-On Eyes
We can’t tell you how many times this product saved us from looking like hell. Keep it in your pocket and roll some on on the fly and you’ll look like you got a full night’s sleep.
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