Our Favorite Barbershops Have Equally Awesome In-House Grooming Lines

our favorite barbershops have equally awesome in house grooming lines neville
Who better to develop shaving and hair products than the ones who deal with all things follicular for a living? More and more barbershops are getting into the grooming game, using the expertise gathered doing their good work behind the barbers chairs to come up with the formulations, ingredients, and categories they know are needed in the market and most requested by their clients. Here are some of the shops we love and their latest and greatest offerings you’ll want to get your hands on.

Fly Barbershop: Dallas

FlyBarbershopFly Barbershop is always on the move. That’s because it’s housed in a vintage Airstream that roams the streets of Dallas, Texas. While on the outside it’s certainly unique, inside it looks like a cooler-than-average barbershop with mosaic tiled walls, hardwood floors, and a trio of old-timey chairs. Always on the move, Fly encourages anyone seeking an appointment to check out their Instagram feed @flybarbershop for current location details. To spiff up their customers’ newly shorn heads, co-founder Hallie Alford created a re-workable pomade ($18) she’s christened N°1, its aluminum casing recalls the vehicle in which it is was born.

Birds Barbershop: Austin Birds41st

What began as a single unisex shop meant to fulfill a need for first-rate, yet budget-friendly haircuts, has since become a mini-empire with six locations each with its own vibe in Austin. Six years after opening the original Birds Barbershop, co-owners Michael Portman and Jayson Rapaport developed Verb, an equally affordable haircare line. Their newest offering Ghost Oil ($14), a nod to their bearded clientele, tames and soften facial hair and moisturizes skin with an all-natural oil-based formula, which like the name suggests is basically invisible.

Blind Barber: New York City


Why just get a cut and shave when you can also throw back some booze? While many barbershops offer their clientele whiskey and beer while in the chair, none that we know have an actual speakeasy tucked behind their shop like Blind Barber. So after you’ve been shorn or not (it’s not required), duck through the discreet door in the back to get your drink on at the dimly lit bar. You can also snap up the brand’s invigorating Lemongrass Tea Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner ($18 each).

Rudy’s Barbershop: Portland, Seattle & Beyond RudysWestSeattle

Rather than a cut-and-run kind of atmosphere, Rudy’s modus operandi has always been to cultivate a convivial vibe to encourage its clientele to stay awhile. What started as a stand-alone shop in Seattle has since expanded to multiple locations in its hometown, Portland, New York City, and Los Angeles. Its well-edited apothecary is stocked with niche lines like Le Labo, Malin + Goetz, and Baxter of California. Plus, you can pick up its collaboration with Italian natural haircare company Davines, a trio of shampoo, conditioner and body wash ($64).

Hawleywood’s: Southern California


With its Rockabilly decor, fittingly twangy soundtrack, and old-timey touches like leather strops, the vibe is decidedly nostalgia sans irony in Donnie Hawley’s three SoCal-based Hawleywood shops. So when he created haircare brand Layrite, it only made sense that Hawley chose designs and formulas that look convincingly like they’ve been around since the 50s. His latest creation, Cement Hair Clay ($19) offer high hold and matte finish, but is water-based so you won’t be left with a headful of gunk post-shower. 

Neville: Chicago Neville

If you haven’t already guessed from the name, Neville is British. They’ve recently crossed the pond. Sort of. Though the outpost isn’t officially christened with the aforementioned name, if you sit at one of the three barbershop chairs within Soho House Chicago’s Cowshed Spa, you will receive the same services using the eponymous products. Third-generation master barber Frank heads up the operation, which offers its Midwesterner clientele a cool Britannia escape amid the concrete jungle. Neville skincare, haircare and shaving offerings use all-natural formulations and come in charming apothecary-like packaging. The latest, a travel kit ($34), offers a chance to try the brand’s bestsellers.


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