Manready Mercantile’s All-American Grooming

First a guy is making candles in small batches on his apartment stove and suddenly a business is born. That’s exactly how the curated goods site,  Manready Mercantile burst onto the scene. Founder Travis Weaver began his experimentation using all-natural ingredients and then went on to develop additional products. Most of the grooming items are actually unisex, but branded specifically for men.

Digging deeper into this company, we discovered some favorites among the additions.

Beard Treatment: Forget dealing with dry, flaky skin under your beard. This mix of East Indian Sandalwood essential oil and other natural ingredients will leave your beard soft, moisturized and sexy.

Tub Elixer: Served up in a whiskey bottle, this bevy of bubbles proves bubble baths aren’t just for your female companions. Pour some into a bath or if you prefer, you can splash this body wash on in the shower.

Daneson Toothpicks: Tired of the dull bland taste of a toothpick? Well, these toothpicks provide an unexpected flavor burst. Crafted of Northern White Birch, these picks feature a combo of rare mint and cinnamon.

Weaver also created a dry goods company called T. S. Weaver & Co. It focuses on wood, leather and textiles.

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