Love for the Beard with Beard Buddy

Men’s grooming has become a serious business in the past decade but we still like to see companies that are a bit tongue in cheek about the whole thing as well.

We discovered the Los Angeles company Beard Buddy recently and applaud them for truly taking beard culture to another level. Not only do they make a great all natural beard oil (with Grape seed, coconut oil and Vitamin E) to keep bristles soft and shiny, but they have a plethora of beard daily essentials. Our two favorites are the hand crafted bronze beard comb and the beard handkerchief to whisk away random objects to keep your beard looking sweet.

Co-Founder, Nathan Bell told us, “We wanted to create hand crafted products specifically for beards by beards. Built on the appreciation of good design and a good sense of humor, Beard Buddy is the destination for your face farming needs.” A beard soap is in the works for the new year. Stay tuned.

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