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Lather Boss Is the World’s First Heated, Self-Foaming Shave Brush

Lather Boss self-heating shave brush

There are few rituals more cathartic than a good, wet shave. Not long ago, before the dawn of electric razors and canned shaving foam, hot water shaving was a part of virtually every man’s grooming routine. Thankfully, many men are now rediscovering the simple joy of a hot wet shave, and one of the most important tools used in the process (second only to a quality razor) is a good shaving brush. Enter Lather Boss, the world’s first heated self-foaming shave brush that brings a barbershop-style wet shave right into your bathroom.

The bristle brush is such a vital component of your wet shave routine because it performs several important tasks. First, it builds a rich, foamy lather out of your soap and cream. Second, the bristles soften and lift up the whiskers on your face, preparing them for your blade. Finally, the brushing action both exfoliates and protects your skin, helping to open up your pores as it spreads the creamy lather that lubricates your face and guards it from nicks and razor burn.

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The Lather Boss happily handles all of these tasks, but also brings the centuries-old design of the classic shaving brush into the 21st century. This innovative brush utilizes travel-sized shaving cream cartridges which simply pop right into the handle (with each two-ounce cartridge giving you about 20 shaves). This foam is then warmed up via the powered heating dock, and with some pressure applied to the base of the Lather Boss, the hot foam is loaded into the bristles and you’re ready to start lathering right on your face – no soap mug or bowl needed.

This all-in-one design naturally makes the Lather Boss well-suited for places where countertop space is at a premium, such as hotel or guest bathrooms, but the full-sized Lather Boss Heat model might still be too bulky for your dopp kit. Don’t worry, though, because Leather Boss has your adventuring needs covered with a smaller model that’s purpose-built for travel: The Lather Boss On-The-Go is a scaled-down version of the standard Lather Boss, utilizing the same two-ounce foam cartridges and bristle-loading action, although it lacks the powered heating dock so you’ll still need some hot water as you would with a regular shave brush.

The full-sized Lather Boss Heat with heating dock will be priced at $110 while the smaller Lather Boss On-The-Go will ring in at $35. However, as this project is currently active on Kickstarter, you still have time to back it now and take advantage of Super Early Bird specials that let you score the Lather Boss Heat for just $69, the Lather Boss On-The-Go for $29, or both for $89 (every tier also comes with at least one can of Lather Boss shaving foam). Act fast, though, as these Early Bird backer deals are limited.

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