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An Imperial Shave

imperial shave fsk new
We love shaving  and we love Made in America – so  here is a great new shave set to keep that mug of yours smooth for the New Year.

Imperial Barber Products are made in America (specifically Los Angeles) and the team behind Imperial has worked for over 26 years to perfect the fine craft of shaving. The company has taken the basics every man needs to maintain a clean shave, and simply made them even better. Imperial decided to make their own products since they couldn’t find what they wanted. Their Classic Pomade is indeed now a classic (yeah they make hair stuff too, they are Barbers after all).

Which bring us to this…everything you will ever need for an all American shave. The Imperial Barber Field Shave Kit. And it’s also great for all your holiday travels – thanks to a convenient travel case.

The kit includes premium barber-grade products, and was designed for the world traveler. So what does it feature? A portable bag, pre-shave oil with lavender, bergamot after-shave, some glycerin shave soap, field shape soap, a boar hair travel shave brush and pocket size field notes. Basically everything you need for a nice clean shave and a note pad! Because you may just need to write down how amazing this shave kit is or simply keep track of your adventures.


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