Duke Cannon Has Entered the Fragrance-Sphere With the Proper Cologne Line 

Duke Cannon has a track record of supplying high-end, military-inspired grooming essentials to men to keep them fresh and clean even when the environment around them is not. Now they’re adding another game-changer to their family of grooming goods: the Duke Cannon Proper Cologne line.

Finding a sufficient, clean, and invigorating cologne is a tough task. Even when you find one that really suits your personality — for a while — the world of fragrance is a big one that changes with the seasons and settings. Thankfully, brands like Duke Cannon have taken notice to this ever-changing landscape and are now offering a multitude of different scents to help provide the essence you desire.

The Duke Cannon Proper Cologne line offers a sleek, contemporary design with three distinct nature-inspired scent groups to help guide you through the changing of the seasons and mood – woodsy, aquatic, and musk.

Each eau de parfum — or slightly watered-down formula — in the collection is bottled in a TSA-friendly container and was designed to be your favorite new everyday scent. Crafted in small batches with natural fragrance oils, the Proper Cologne line offers a subtle, organic smell that’s superior to the ubiquitous and cheap alcohol-infused colognes available elsewhere.

It’s a simple concoction that brushes the bull aside and delivers exactly what you need — a fragrance that “works harder, smells better,” and lasts longer. As Duke Cannon says, the scents are meant to be discovered, not announced.

Now let’s get into how these scents will hit your nose.



duke cannon prescott

The Prescott scent is the first of the woodsy fragrances, boasting a blast of pineapple citrus notes off the top, while finishing with a pleasant blend of sandalwood, oakmoss, and a dousing of the vanilla-clove smelling tonka bean.


duke cannon sawtooth

The Duke Cannon Proper Cologne line also features a raw aromatic blend of cedar and amber for its Sawtooth scent. The Sawtooth is insanely invigorating, mixing together the richness of a dense North American forest with the ambrosial freshness of a sweet summer breeze.



duke cannon huron

If you’re looking for a spiffy summer fragrance, the Huron scent boasts stimulating notes of citrus grapefruit and fresh mint to help complement the fresh air around you and help mask whatever stank surfaces from the warm weather. Finishing with hints of patchouli and the essence of burning incense, this complex cocktail offers both a powerful punch and a subtle, sensual aura.


duke cannon seneca

The Seneca blend exudes an airy, earthy, and clean scent that will make you smell like you just took a stroll through a woodland of wildflowers. With fresh notes of bergamot off the top, neroli through the middle, and finishing with a light, consummate cashmere woods, Seneca is the perfect fragrance for the fall or if you’re wanting to keep up a stiff, masculine scent through the summer season.



duke cannon fulton

The Fulton fragrance is synonymous with musk heaven. It boasts an invigorating combination of warm spices, tough tonka bean, and sandalwood, which together makes for a masculine scent that is borderline irresistible.


duke cannon randolph

A rich blend of bergamot, lavender, and leather highlights the Duke Cannon Proper Cologne Randolph scent. It’s a rich, musky combination that harmonizes more effectively than The Grateful Dead in 1976. If you’re looking to truly captivate a room or even just a special someone’s nostrils, this is one of the most masculine amalgams you’ll find. Ever.

The Duke Cannon Proper Cologne line is now available to the public on the Duke Cannon and at .

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