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10 Essentials Every Dopp Kit Should Have

If you plan to leave the confines of your home for any amount of time longer than a single day, you need to have your dopp kit not only packed but also dialed to the nines with the essentials. It goes without saying that you’ve got to have a toothbrush, toothpaste, a moisturizer, and deodorant, but it’s the unknown that will get you into trouble if you’re not prepared. While the origins of the Dopp kit date back to World War II, with one found in the hands of every serviceman, the tools within the Dopp have become as icy and branded as the kicks on your feet. While on an adventure, pack your Dopp with the intent that someone may glance at its contents, as it is a dress-to-impress type of situation.

Lucky Bastard Co. The Tube

Lucky Bastard The Tube

For those who want protection from all-natural ingredients, look to Lucky Bastard’s Tube. It’s black with bold white branding; it’s oval-shaped, so if it leaves your Dopp, it fits better in your pocket; and it’s packed with natural SPF to combat the elements during any outdoor adventure. The Tube’s exclusive formula comes from the first-hand experience of brothers who grew up in harsh conditions of Minnesota and now battle the sun of Southern California. When you lather up with The Tube, you’ll be the lucky bastard.

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Aesop Toothpaste

Aesop Toothpaste

This paste contains the same wasabi extract as your favorite fiery sushi accessory. It won’t cause you to scream in anguish or cry for help, but you will notice the mild spice building up as the bristles start to graze across your tastebuds. Mixed with cardamom, anise, clove, and spearmint essential oils, the contents of the tube will fight off the gnarliest garlic fries the world has to offer. With Aesop Toothpaste, rest assured that the grime and odor clinging to your teeth and mouth will raise the white flag in defeat.

Bulldog Original Hand Cream

Your hands are extremely important. The last thing you want is dry, cracked skin cramping your style. Bulldog Original Hand Cream is the perfect grab-and-go moisturizer purposely crafted for quick absorption, leaving your skin looking healthy without the typical greasy feeling.

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant Stick

Primal Pit Paste  Natural Deodorant Stick

You know what happens if you chance to leave the house without deodorant? Even if you’ve never stunk before, today will be the day because you went without it. That’s why you need to keep a stick in your Dopp kit. The Primal Pit Paste is a surefire stick to call on in times of desperate need and at a moment’s notice. The best of antiperspirants will fail at some point and that’s why the scent of a wooded expedition with hints of sandal, cedar, and cypress will make the Primal Pit Paste a welcome future staple of your Dopp.

Simply Gum Ginger Breath Mints

Simply Gum Ginger Mints

Much like keeping a small bottle of mouthwash stored away to fight off odors, a pack of mints is a key supplement to your Dopp. You should want to keep a tin around with a little more punch and sophistication than the generics found in the grocery checkout lane. The Simply Gum Ginger Mints are filled with a handful of natural ingredients. They are delicious and different and will certainly stop anyone from fearing your halitosis. Keep them in your Dopp as part of your arsenal for the unknown and all things that may warrant human interaction.

Marvis Toothbrush

Marvis Soft Toothbrush

The Marvis Toothbrush is not soft by any standards, except for its bristles. This brush is made in Italy, available in black or white, and is about as straightforward as it comes for when your teeth need a solid cleaning. The Marvis Toothbrush is incredibly durable and also feels like a feather in your hands and tucked away in your Dopp kit with included bristle cover, it may just be the defining element within your hygienic accessories.

Manscaped The Shears Nail Grooming Kit

Manscaped The Shears Nail Grooming Kit

Molded from tempered stainless steel, the Manscaped Shears Kit has the answer to all your troubling nail needs. It includes safety scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, an ear pick, and a nail refining file. If you run into a situation this Nail Grooming Kit can’t handle, well, you’ve got bigger problems. It comes with a portable carrying case to keep all the tools nice and cozy in your Dopp, even through the worst moments of airplane handling. And though this kit’s name implies dedication to the nail, the Manscaped Shears package never misses a loose nostril hair.

Leaf Stainless Steel Razor

Life should be about choosing your own path. With the option of one, two, or three razors, the Leaf Stainless Steel Razor is sharpened to your liking. The pivoting head allows for a close shave along those obscure angles. If you choose, it’s also capable of shearing off every hair from head to toe. And with a dial to lock in any number of the 10 replacement blades that are included, the Leaf Stainless Steel Razor will have you looking like that baby face of yesteryear.

Knotty Floss No Knot Floss

Knotty Floss No Knot Floss

There is not a whole lot of variation in the floss world beyond packaging and flavor, though the Knotty Floss No Knot Floss certainly presents a differing persona of dental string. Every dentist will say you need to floss, and flossing the morning of your appointment for the first time in months is not going to cut it. If you have it on hand — and more importantly in your Dopp — there is a better chance for the No Knot Floss finding its way into your routine. It’s black (which is unusual), vegan, comes in a refillable glass container, and is a biodegradable polyester making it great for you and the planet. Despite the process adding a painstaking 30 seconds or so to your day, you need to floss.

Patch Organic Biodegradable Aloe Vera Adhesive Bandages

Patch Organic Biodegradable Aloe Vera Adhesive Bandages

There are times when a piece of toilet paper and duct tape are simply not going to leave you presentable in public. The gauze is supplemented with the cool and refreshing healing powers of aloe vera and the non-toxic adhesive makes these bandages suitable for all skin types, even the sensitive ones. The Patch Aloe Vera Bandages will certainly put a stop to most bleeds unless you’ve come across Old Faithful, and better yet, at the end of the day the entirety of the packaging and bandage is biodegradable.

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