Giveaway: Ice Balls and a Whiskey Wedge

Sometimes bigger really is better–especially when it comes to ice cubes for whiskey drinking.

Many types of scotch, bourbon, and whiskey taste better with a little water added. If drinking neat, that means actually adding liquid water, but if you take your whiskey on the rocks, that means adding ice (obviously). Typical bars will throw in the standard ice-maker fare–ice chips, cubes, or chunks. This is, honestly, not the best method of adding water to your whiskey. In fact, it’s probably the worst method possible, since multiple ice chunks/chips means multiple surfaces melting all at once, which also means that too much water is melting into your whiskey–making it, well, watered-down. And watered-down whiskey tastes nothing like it was intended to. You definitely don’t want to pull this with a high-end whiskey–that’s just insulting to the hard-working distillers of the world.

So, to prevent this problem and preserve the taste of your corn-based spirits, Corkcicle (a brand we support for its many innovative takes on cooling drinks) has engineered a couple of awesome drinking accessories that you’ll want in your own home. And today, you can enter to win them, free!

Whiskey Wedge

The Whiskey Wedge is a cube-shaped glass that you fill with water, insert a silicon wedge mold, freeze for a few hours, and out pops a perfect wedge of ice attached firmly to the inside of your glass. Simply add whiskey and enjoy as the large chunk of ice quickly cools your drink while slowly adding water for superb sipping. We’ve tested this product ourselves and admire its simple design, ease of use, and the fact that it lives up to its promise to, “melt much slower than smaller traditional ice cubes…help[ing to] retain your drink’s full flavor.”

The Invisiball follows the same principal as the Whiskey Wedge, but eschews straight-lined cubes in favor of sphericality, which offers a refined and near super-villain-like cool aesthetic. Make a few of these ahead of a friendly gathering or a date night at home and relish the compliments and questions you’ll receive while knocking back a perfectly chilled dram.

whiskey wedge invisiball giveaway 1

Entering to win these two awesome ice-makers is easy, just follow the rules below. One lucky winner will receive both a Whiskey Wedge and an Invisiball, along with the right to brag about having the best ice in the neighborhood.

Corkcicle Ice Ball & Whiskey Wedge

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