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Üllo wine purifiers and chillers are up to 35% off today

A wine accessory from Ullo.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Want to up your wine game? Probably not if you have to spend a lot, we’re guessing, as when the wine flows it quickly goes. But if you could get a sweet weekend discount on premium wine accessories to bump your game up into a new level of culturedness, would you? You now have your chance to find out, as Gilt has a weekend deal on Üllo wine purifiers and chillers. You can get a purifier and decanter combo for $50 off (down to $90 from $140), a chill wine purifier and decanter combo for $60 off (down to $110 from $170), 25 single glass Sulfite filters for $11 off (down to $29 from $40), and 25 full bottle Sulfite filters for $11 off (down to $49 from $60). Tap the button below to get shopping or keep reading to see why these can help improve even the best wines.

Why you should buy Üllo wine accessories

Let’s hop right into the science and fun of it all. The first two kits on sale offer Üllo’s purifier with a decanter. You can already check out our guide for how to decant wine, but right now we need to get into the more important aspect of it all: Why decant wine? Its all about air. Oxidation of wines — especially red wines — allows for chemical changes in the compounds in the liquid. And, in general, we (as a species) find these changes to bring about more flavor, destroy nasty Sulfites, and increase the aroma of the wine.

Pouring your wine through an aerating Üllo Sulfite filter into a decanter — which has a wide bottom to increase the amount of wine coming into contact with the air — is a great way to promote this process. Letting the wine sit and open up as your family or date appreciates a meal or movie, taking periodic moments of smell its development is a great way to engage yet another sense into your wine drinking: Anticipation.

Back to filtration for a moment. Why are there so many filtrations anti-Sulfite? The truth of the matter is that Sulfites in wine are somewhat controversial despite being a part of the winemaking process since the beginning (some yeasts produce Sulfites as they break down the grapes). Nevertheless, some people don’t like them, and this could be why decanting has been so popular over the years. Air destroys Sulfites. So, you owe it yourself (and your guests) to try out as much Sulfite-fighting as possible for at least some of your premium wines. Üllo’s Sulfite filters give that extra punch that air alone cannot give.

If these deals interest you, go ahead and tap the button below. You’ll find the kits for up to $60 off of their standard pricing. Then, if you want to get more great wine deals, check out our guide to finding good but cheap wine.

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Wowzers! This GE smart smoker can be used indoors and it’s $300 off
GE Profile smart indoor smoker

Prime Day is here, and retailers are flooding with deals. This year is a great event for people who love cooking or grilling because there are so many incredible deals. For example, there are a ton of Pit Boss Prime Day deals, a deal on a smart meat thermometer, and this next one, which, just, wow. The GE Profile is a smart indoor smoker. Yes, you read that correctly. It can be used indoors. It uses active smoke filtration to turn real-wood smoke into warm air that won't smoke out your kitchen. Precise controls, efficient wood pellet usage, a built-in temperature probe, and connected controls are some of the features you can expect. Here's the best part: It's on sale for $699 during Prime Day, which is $300 off the regular price of $999. Be right back. It's time to get smoking.

Here's why you should consider the GE Profile smart indoor smoker
If you love smoked meats but have been waiting for a suitable system for your home, this might be your sign. Usually, you have to use a smoker outdoors, which means you'll need room in your yard or patio. The downside is that you also have to spend a lot of time waiting while the meat smokes. The GE Profile changes all that by bringing everything safely indoors. You can smoke right in your kitchen. Hallelujah. We're pretty excited about it, if you can't tell.

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Holy meatballs: This MEATER Block WiFi meat thermometer deal is fire
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What can the MEATER Block do for your cooks
It's an excellent grilling companion, but you can also use the MEATER Block in the kitchen, oven, smoker, rotisserie, and more. The probes are dishwasher-safe, too, so you can easily clean them when you're all done. Moreover, there are several ways to configure, connect, and review stats. With a MEATER Cloud account, you can keep an eye on your temps while on the go, from your phone, Apple Watch, via Amazon Alexa or even a web browser. That will be great when you're doing long smokes and need to maintain optimal temperatures.

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Invite-only deal: The SodaStream Enso sparkling water maker is $100 off
SodaStream Enso sparkling water maker on table

Wouldn't it be great to make sparkling water at home anytime? SodaStream's carbonation systems offer precisely that. In particular, the SodaStream Enso is a wonderful system that allows you to make sparkling water in a dishwasher-safe reusable carbonating bottle. Of course, on a usual day, you'd pay $250 for that convenience; however, thanks to an Invite-Only Prime Deal, that price is discounted by $100 -- down to $150. You’re probably wondering why we’re sharing it early. Well, that’s because it’s an invitation-only Prime deal. What does that mean? You have to request an invite on the store page, and on the appropriate dates, you’ll receive an email with an option to buy. If you like what you see, request that invite because not everyone will get one.

How does the “invite-only” Prime deal process work?
The deal in question will be available for a limited time, though we won’t know how long until Amazon starts sending out the exclusive invites. You must be an active Prime Member to take advantage of this offer, so keep that in mind. We have the deal info, so we know how much the SodaStream Enso sparkling water maker will cost — it’s $100 off down to $150 instead of the regular $250.

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