Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month with Russell’s Reserve

russells reserve russell
The calendar has turned to September, which sadly means that the summer is more or less over. While we know that might make you sad, there’s plenty to be excited about this month. For starters, September is National Bourbon Heritage Month!

That’s right, back in 2007 the U.S. Senate passed a bill declaring September to be the month for Americans to enjoy their “native spirit”—responsibly, of course. And this year, we’ve got a particular bourbon we’re going to be tipping back all month: Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Kentucky Bourbon.

If you aren’t already familiar, Russell’s Reserve is a small-batch bourbon named after Jimmy Russell—the legendary master distiller of Wild Turkey. Face it, when you’ve perfected widespread whiskey appeal, you’re going to get a bourbon with your namesake on it.

Russell’s has a deep amber color with a nose rich in vanilla, oak and toffee. What really stands out though is the touch of spice that comes with each sip. This isn’t just some standard liquor burn—this is a flavor with real depth, something that is there to discern, rather than struggle through.

What makes this September especially notable is the fact that it will be Jimmy Russell’s 60th anniversary as the master distiller of Wild Turkey. To honor the occasion, his son and fellow distiller, Eddie Russell has created the limited Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Bourbon, which mixes 13- and 16-year old whiskeys. A unique drink for a unique milestone.

So, this September, if you really want to celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month, you’ll pick up a bottle of Russell’s Reserve (and perhaps a bottle of Wild Turkey Diamond) and raise a glass to Jimmy Russell. He deserves a bit of thanks after all his years of good service.

See, just because summer’s over it doesn’t mean we can’t still find reasons to celebrate.

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