Your Mornings Will Be Easier with this Alarm Clock that Also Brews Coffee

A calming morning routine is essential to surviving the daily grind. Nobody deserves to start the day on edge. If you’re a coffee aficionado, then you’ve likely dreamt of being able to have a steaming cup coffee in bed, right when you open your eyes.

What you need is an automatic coffee maker and alarm clock to make mornings a little easier Crafted by British industrial designer Joshua Renouf, The Barisieur will not only wake you up in the morning, it’ll have a your morning pick-me-up ready to go too.

Barisieur coffee alarm clock Joshua Renouf

We dove into some amazing ways to get your coffee fix in the morning in the past, but this one definitely take the cake. Using stainless steel ball bearings that tap against the clocks glass pot, the alarm clock is a gentle alternative to those blaring alarms that make getting out of bed a daily routine filled with dread.  And dread you will no more, because The Barisieur  eases you into the day with the sounds and smells of a bubbling cup of joe.

Since the device uses induction heating, you don’t have to worry about fire hazards or burns when unattended — unless you’re used to slapping your current alarm clock on the head every morning. In that case, maybe an alarm clock upgrade is due, anyway.

The Barisieur could also be a great-looking and functional addition to your work desk. Whether you want to have coffee ready to go when you arrive, or need a midday caffeine punch, the clock has a minimalist design that will blend in just about anywhere. And, for those of you light- or non-caffeine drinkers, the alarm clock can also be used to make your favorite loose leaf teas.

Barisieur coffee alarm clock Joshua Renouf

The Barisieur coffee alarm clock ($360) is available for a limited time via Joshua Renouf’s already funded Indiegogo campaign, which is accepting last-batch orders. So if this is something you need, you better head over there ASAP. Delivery is estimated for March 2018.

Images courtesy of Joshua Renouf.

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