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Green Sheep Water’s Aluminum Bottles are a Game Changer

green sheep water
Some Bostonian named Jackson was the first person to look at water and a pile of empty bottles, and think “I’m going to give this a fancy name and charge for it.” Granted, he was promising his bottled water could cure stuff, but, 250 years later, we’re still buying bottled water. Turns out, this isn’t a great choice for the planet — and  Green Sheep Water has the perfect solution.

In theory, bottled water is great! It’s usually refreshing, cold, delicious, and wildly convenient. Then again, the bottle part is terrible for the environment. It takes about 3 liters of water to make one bottle and we need 1.5 million barrels of oil just to keep up with American demand. Every single second, we’re using 1,500 plastic bottles and caps, which is ending up in oceans so rapidly that, by 2050, we’ll have more plastic than fish in the sea (by weight).

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Even recycling the plastic bottles —  and 70 percent of the time we’re not — isn’t mitigating the problem. Turns out, plastic is never fully recycled; instead, it’s downcycled, meaning each time we reuse it, it degrades in quality.

green sheep water

Guess what’s better at being recycled? Aluminum! It’s already recycled more often than plastic, glass, and cartons due to its high scrap value. Green Sheep Water decided that, if we’re going to buy bottled water — and frankly, we are — we should be enjoying an option that’s better for the planet.

Enter Green Sheep Water’s aluminum bottles, which can be recycled over and over again endlessly. The raw materials are made in the Midwest and the water in this miracle bottle is delicious, sourced from a glacial aquifer, filled with electrolytes, and boasts a perfectly balanced pH level of seven. The company even has a sparkling option.

green sheep water sparkling

The brand also puts its money where its mouth is: Green Sheep Water is a part of 1% For The Planet and donates money from each sale to the Surfrider Foundation. Remember how 8 million tons of plastic ends up in oceans each year, quickly leading to the day when plastic will outweigh fish? Surfrider works tirelessly to keep beaches and oceans plastic-free.

At the end of the day, Green Sheep Water would be delighted for you to use your own refillable water bottle, but for those moments when you want or need a disposable (ahem, recyclable) bottle of water, they’ve got you covered.

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