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This massage cushion will make you never want to leave your couch, and it’s only $70

Massages are a luxury that most people don’t experience enough. Professional massages can be pricey, and back massage chairs are definitely on the expensive side. If you don’t have the luxury of spending money on high-end services and equipment, don’t worry. There are plenty of cheap massage cushions out there that can make your gaming or office chair way more comfortable. The best part about massage cushions is that you can put them anywhere you want to sit so you can make your couch or favorite chair even more enjoyable. We’ve found an excellent model that is only $70 — read on to find out more.

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Owning the Belmint Cordless Back massager is like having a massage therapist with you wherever you go. The specially designed 3D counter-rotating and dual-directional balls penetrate your tissues and target the muscles that get stiff from sitting. The massager works to relieve stress and tensions and works knots out with added heat and massage nodes that travel up and down. The massager provides deep-kneading and targets pressure points to relieve pain, aches, stiffness, and soreness in your mid and lower back. The Shiatsu nodes are also customizable, so you can target areas that are specific to your needs.

One of the best parts of this particular massager is that it is cordless, making it portable and convenient. No more looking for an outlet or being tethered to a specific chair, and the massager works for a whopping 70 minutes when fully charged. This massager is great for travel and works wonders in the car on long road trips. The massager is also safe to use while it’s charging, so you won’t ever run out of on-demand relaxation if you are near an outlet.

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How a massage cushion can help

If you sit a lot, no matter the reason, it can be bad for your health. Whether you work from home, have a desk job, play a lot of video games, drive for a living, or just spend a lot of time on your couch, you may need to get the blood flowing more often. A massage cushion like the one above can help improve circulation with the heat and stimulation it provides. Though you should be getting up to stretch and walk around about every 20 minutes, sometimes you are in the zone, and time flies. With the help of a massage cushion, skipping your stretches won’t be as detrimental.

Everyone knows that too much sitting can be bad for your health. But what do you do if you don’t have a choice and have to sit for work or school or some other reason? Purchasing a massage cushion can help increase blood flow and reduce tension in your muscles. Also, massages feel good, and since most people don’t have a professional masseuse on standby, a good massage mat can be the next best thing. And, since the Belmint Cordless Back Massager is portable, you can use it at the office, during your commute home, and while you’re relaxing after dinner.

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