Say Goodbye to the Shoulder Bump With Well Hung Hangers

well hung hangers hanger

It’s a feeling every guy is used to: that morning when you forget to set your alarm and find yourself rushing around your house or apartment trying to make it to a meeting on time. You scramble through a shower that is either too hot or too cold, chew through a burnt piece of toast and brush your teeth while pulling on your pants and socks. Then, by the time you’re in the car or the subway, you notice the lump on the shoulder of your shirt that just won’t go away—the telltale sign of a bad clothes hanger.

A new wooden hanger company has taken it upon themselves to help men avoid this type of situation. Well Hung Hangers makes durable, form-fitting hangers from imported wood, which are assembled in the United States. The domestic assembly is a point of pride for the brand and it’s founders and is just as important as the material the hangars are made from.

The hangers themselves feature inlaid rubber shoulder guards and a flocked pant bar, which is precisely the type of innovation that removes unwanted and uneven creases in trousers; while the 22 inch width and ½ inch thickness eliminate the shoulder bumps that can make the most fashionable and put together guy look disheveled and disorganized.

Well Hung Hangers features a team of fashion industry veterans that have worked with brands such as Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers and Macy’s in Manhattan. The hangers are made to accommodate a variety of men’s sizes and the company will work with custom tailors as well in order to make sure the most unique shirt or suit will never be ruined.

It’s about time to get rid of those pinched and bent white metal hangers and treat your clothes the way they should be treated. After all, you probably spent a pretty penny on that suit, why treat it like a second rate citizen? Check out Well Hung Hangers and the next time you have to rush to a meeting, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.