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The Manual Wind: Bamford Watch Department Rolex Yachtmaster II Black/Blue

Bamford Watch Department Rolex Yachtmaster II Black/Blue
YMII-Gal-MainFor as long as people have wanted to exhibit their wealth, there has a been a great debate; customized or original.  The automobile market has a very large aftermarket parts market.  The watch market however, still maintains ill will toward a customized watch. Until recently, very few watch houses have been able to break the taboo, but one in particular is leading the breakthrough.  As high end customized Rolex go, Bamford Watch Department is the pinnacle.  With YMII-Mainmultiple case finishes, custom hand painted dials, and the ability to customize your own Bamford, the traditional steel watch better watch out.

The latest offering from Bamford takes the wildly popular and largest diameter Rolex in production, the Yachtmaster 2, and turns it into a head turner.  We all know the Black and Blue Rolex GMT Master is popular, but Bamford has taken the Yachtmaster 2 and turned it into the true Black/Blue.  With Bamford’s military grade titanium coating contrasting with a bright blue bezel and accented dial, this piece is a stand out.  This is a brazen design that bares the Rolex name, that Rolex would never have the gaul to produce.  Contrast, quality, and its rarity sets this piece apart from the traditional Yachtmaster 2.  Black coated watches often carry a stigma of not being resilient to wear, but Bamford’s secret formula and process put that to bed as well. Bamford offers an extremely limited production that Rolex, with its mass production, certainly does not offer.

Custom Rolex pieces from Bamford do carry a hefty premium.  The new Bamford Yachtmaster 2 Black/Blue retails at $34,400.  The price to pay to ensure that you are the only one not only on the block, but on the coast with that piece on your wrist.  There is only one of this striking piece available in the country right now.  Located where it should, next to the highest end exotic automobiles available, B.Young & Co. is one of the very few Bamford Watch Department dealers in the United States.  Visit this piece at B. Young & Co, located inside Bentley Gold Coast in downtown Chicago, Illinois to see for yourself.

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