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The best suspenders for accessorizing your outfit in a smart on-trend way

Wearing suspenders can be quirky, fun, trendy, or nostalgic, depending on your point of view. They are an unusual fashion accessory, but they still get the job done: Holding pants in their place. Sure, belts do that too, but where’s the fun in belts? Join the fun crowd by getting one or more of these well-made and well-performing suspenders.

Suspenders are long strips of fabric worn over the shoulders to hold up pants. They attach to pants with clips or buttons and are formed in an X, Y, or H shape at the back to provide additional strength and support. To get in on a wardrobe accessory from the past that still holds its weight today, give one of these effective and attractive suspenders a try.

Dickies Men’s Solid Straight Clip Suspenders

Best Stretch

The most comfortable suspenders to wear are the ones that stretch. Dickies Men’s Solid Straight Clip Suspenders are highly elastic, feature a clip closure, and are made of a 57% cotton, 27% polyester, and 16% elastic blend. They sport a high-quality and heavy-duty X-shape design, and four metal clips can attach to any type of pants or jeans.

Decalen Mens Suspenders

Best Durability

If you want suspenders that will last a long time, get the Decalen Mens Suspenders. They offer very strong and durable metal clips, heavy-duty braces, a clip closure, and an adjustable length. The suspenders feature a one-size-fits-all Y shape and are available in 34 colors, including black, blue, gray, red, white, and green.

Fasker Mens Suspenders

Best Comfort

To ensure you’re always comfortable wearing suspenders, grab the Fasker Mens Suspenders. The 2-inch-wide unisex suspenders sport an X-back design and comfortable, high-grade performance. They offer a nickel-free, anti-skid clip, a polished side seam, and thick, stretchy elastic ribbons. The suspenders are made of 74% polyester and 26% elastodiene material.

The style and function of yesteryear can be yours by holding up your pants with cool suspenders. These leading suspenders can be described as trendy, comfortable, durable, and stretchy — as well as chic.

The Best Minimalist Bags to Wrangle Your EDC in the Time of Corona

From face masks to hand sanitizer to Tyvek biohazard bodysuits, the health-conscious among us are carrying more daily essentials now than ever. If you’re ready to graduate beyond a baseball-sized wallet and cargo shorts for your everyday carry (EDC), it’s time to invest in a compact carryall. Don't worry if you still have hang-ups about carrying a “murse” or an 80s-era fanny pack. We’ve graduated to fancier “slings” and “crossbody bags” now. Here are our favorite minimalist bags to wrangle your pandemic-related EDC in this time of corona.
Nomatic Navigator Sling 6L

We dig everything about Nomatic’s design ethos, where a great deal of thought goes into keeping things simple. From slings to messenger bags to backpacks, every one of the brand’s bags is made to pack only what you need and nothing you don’t. The new Navigator Sling 6L is perfect for your EDC, especially in the time of coronavirus. The main compartment features four pockets, including an RFID-safe one for stowing your passport and credit cards. Around back, an additional pocket is large enough for an 11-inch tablet, and a water bottle pocket stows away when not in use.

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Upgrade Your Socks in a Big Way with Ace & Everett
ace & everett socks

The first step in curating an effective fall wardrobe? Upgrading your socks with Ace & Everett -- at least we think that’s a great place to start. In the way of small style details that help you stand out the right way, handsomely made, stylish socks couldn’t be more essential for today’s menswear fan. Yet, we prefer patterns with a little more restraint, refinement and subtle style -- and that’s what Ace & Everett delivers on with its new fall collection.

Each pair, from The Thom (a modern herringbone pattern sock) to the striking Downtown Sock -- fashioned in a  comfortable wool-cotton blend -- draws inspiration this season from intertwined inspirations like New York City architecture and flooring. Yes, that’s right -- flooring, and all the variety of inspiration that comes from NYC’s iconic skyline (and electric energy). Take the distinctive Viktor Sock, modeled after chevron flooring and available in colors ranging from a rich plum (wearable with dark denim and cognac wingtips) to a neutral, cool shade of black (able to slip into black captoe boots and grey flannel trousers).

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Accessorize Your Look With Wurkin Stiffs
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Ever since Executive Stiff Jonathan Boos took on the sharks of Shark Tank and scored a life-changing deal, Wurkin Stiffs has become the most popular one-stop, accessories shop for the everyday man.

According to Boos, he feels that there is a void in the men's industry, with a huge gap between fashion and function. Boos' mission at Wurkin Stiffs is to always stay wurkin and build a bridge to bring those two worlds together for the everyday man.

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