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TGIF Shopping: Son Of A Tailor Introduces Made-To-Measure T-Shirting

Danish brand Son of a Tailor wants in on the coveted made-to-measure spike, but unlike their contemporaries, they’ve got t-shirts on the mind, not suits.

“We are big believers in doing one thing, and doing it really well. The clothing business is a large ecosystem with a lot of steps in the supply chain. We don’t want to compromise on quality and we want full traceability and accountability of the places in which our t-shirts are made, says SOAT co-founder Andreas Langhorn. In order to keep these standards we focus on one thing, making the best T-Shirt possible. We love T-Shirts, and if we can make the best T-Shirt in the world, that’s good enough for now.”

Similar to snack brand NatureBox, Son of a Tailor integrates technology as a means to custom serve its products to consumers. Using an extensive algorithm developed by the company, they are able to figure out how to make their shirts fit great no matter the body type – no easy feat.

Another way in which SOAT incorporates its love for tech is in fabric by working with an Austrian knitting company that produces fabric so dense, you can see the knitting loops when held up before your eyes. They’ve proudly nicknamed the fabric “Retina” with inspiration from Apple’s retina screens, which also have twice the pixel density of normal computer screens.

“We believe that there is a place where technology stops and human ability and intuition takes over,” says Langhorn. “We get excited by technology and the quantization and control it can give you, but in the end if a fabric or design doesn’t feel right, no amount of statistics or technology can trump that.”

So how does it work? Simply enter your measurements and after 2-3 weeks a customized t-shirt lands in your mailbox. Customers are able to choose, color, necklines and sleeves, providing a surplus of design options. Prices start at $59.

Get your Son of a Tailor custom t-shirt here.

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