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Not your Father’s General Store

not your fathers general store
Tastemaker husband and wife team, Kevin and Bo Carney decided to open a perfectly curated shop for the fashion elite in the heart of LA’s trendy Silver Lake neighborhood and we are a better city because of it. Mohawk General Store has a  brilliant way of meshing luxe brands like Dries Van Noten with vintage garments and modern furnishings (even the fixtures are for sale).  This makes Kevin and Bo retail wizards even JK Rowling wished she had conjured up. The genius of Mohawk General Store is that you may go in looking for a classic pair of APC denim but leave with a bookshelf. Or when looking for a dining room table ending up with the perfect Generic Man Boots  (Kevin is also the Creative Director of the brand).  Vintage stereo equipment and select vinyl are perfectly positioned amongst skin care lines such as Aesop and Santa Maria Novella – nothing like a good beat to get your grooming regime  kick started.  Shoppers come in with focus but get easily distracted with so many wonderful options that it’s hard to leave.  It’s like Bo says “you come for shoes and leave with a side table.”

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