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Accessorize in Horween Style with Nomad Goods

Nomad Goods
Due in large part to the fact smartphones aren’t cheap, it’s incredibly important to find a proper case to keep the thing protected at all times. Enter Nomad Goods and its lineup of gorgeous Horween leather accessories, including a selection of beautiful, nondescript leather cases for any iPhone version 6 or newer. Traditionally constructed — so that it has the ability to age gracefully — Nomad’s iPhone cases (and it’s entire leather selection, for that matter) are one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade your accessory game without sacrificing style.

So what makes the iPhone cases so great? Aside from the fact Horween-produced leather is perhaps the cream of the leather crop — its Chicago tannery is the oldest in America — the case offers screen edge protection, an interior microfiber finish to prevent scratches, and wide openings around the ports to support larger cables. Furthermore, the product runs just shy of $45 and can easily become the last case you’d ever buy for your phone — it’s that durable.


In addition to Nomad’s leather-clad iPhone cases, the Santa Barbara-based company also offers an innovative charging wallet which (as the name suggests) is a wallet capable of charging a smartphone. Outfit with a lightning-compatible charge cable, the wallet — also a Horween leather-crafted good — comes in either a bi-fold or slim variety. Though they are a tad bulky considering they house a charge pack, the wallets still fit comfortably in a back or front pocket of jean or pants.

Outside of Nomad Goods’ leather lineup, the brand boasts Apple Watch bands, straps, and charge stands in addition to auxiliary power packs and keychain phone chargers. Its online store even sells a convenient leather conditioner which makes cleaning and caring for any of its leather products an absolute breeze. If it’s fine leather you search for to accessorize this fall, look no further than Nomad Goods.

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