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The Manual Wind: Summer Rubber B

manual wind summer rubber b hero
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.43.07 PMWith warmer temperatures continuing to  swell, so comes the annual wardrobe change.  We revel in the ability to transform our lives for the casual and sporty dog days of summer.  Activity plays a larger role in defining style and functionality and the timepiece must follow suit.  With its mainstream introduction into the high end watch world in the early 1980s, the rubber strap has completed its long journey to acceptance. Now this common material can be found snuggly fit alongside precious metals and high end movements.  Hublot might have been the originator, but now, if a brand does not offer this option they are missing the yacht.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.38.35 PMOne major brand out there that curiously does not offer a rubber strap for their timepieces is Rolex.  Arguably the most notable and collectable watch brand in history has yet to succumb to what is no longer a trend but a staple.  One company, however, has taken it upon themselves to break open this market and they have done it well; Rubber B.  This American company has brought a well designed and produced vulcanized rubber strap to fit a variety of Rolex watches.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.44.42 PMDesigned and constructed with the Rolex models in mind (see their site for compatibility), these rubber straps look right at home next to a Rolex bezel.

1441454_541265625951392_2001984493_nIntegrated with the Rolex case design, the straps flow right into the lugs seamlessly, leaving no spaces.  This not only creates a streamlined appearance but also maximizes comfort.  Rubber B’s options include a variety of colors to match particular watch models as well as the ability to use their tang buckle or attach the original Rolex folding clasp.

Priced well at an average of $250 per strap, there is no reason every Rolex owner should not be a beach explorer with a Rubber B. Now you can switch up that heavy metal bracelet for a red rubber for the weekend or a cool blue to match your summer suit.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.58.39 PMThe definition of luxury has certainly changed over the years.  Functionality has played a role in helping redefine what is deemed luxurious and rubber is a prime example.  This simple material has become almost mandatory on wrists in the active seasons.

Rubber B is one brand that is helping make rubber straps the only rubber a guy actually wants to wear. offers integrated strap for Panerai as well!

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The Manual Wind: The Chronograph Spirit
manual wind chronograph spirit

The watch industry has seen an influx of brands in the last few decades. Brands both resurrected from the depths of dormant watch history and conceived of passionate skilled students of the art. When marketing takes a backseat to passion and skill, truly transcendent timepieces emerge. That is of the case of Peter Speake-Marin. As if watchmaking was his destiny, Speake-Marin was schooled and trained, restoring and developing all before the age of thirty. Having designed and built high-end complications for the well known movement manufacturer Renaud & Papi (now owned by Audemars Piguet) his next step was to take his name from the bench to exhibition with the creation of his namesake brand; Speake-Marin. The Piccadilly was Speake-Marin's first release. Now, more than a decade later, this discernible case design is the cornerstone of the brand.

Having utilized the Piccadilly case once again, the first Speake-Marin Chronograph hits The Basel Watch Fair 2014. Taking the design cues of the Automatic Spirit Mark 2, Speake-Marin introduces the Spirit Seafire Chronograph. This Titanium case 42mm Chronograph has the fervor of English sophistication and sport. A matte dial in horizontal symmetry displays minute and hour chronograph counters, date, and a running seconds signified by the 'Topping Tool' insignia frequently used by Speake-Marin. All the hands, including the Speake-Marin spade-tipped hour hand, are filled with SuperLuminova for nighttime legibility. The Chronograph counters displayed with both arabic and roman numerals are a unique touch giving this chronograph an almost regulator type feel. Inside lies a caliber C99001-D automatic Chronograph movement with forty-eight hour power reserve. This single barrel chronograph is a great pairing for this piece giving this titanium case a durable and high performing movement allowing for true reliability and sport. Attach this piece to your wrist with a hand-made brown calf leather strap and tang buckle for a meeting of old English charm and industrial sport.

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The Manual Wind: Zenith’s First Flight
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How do you update the classic pilot watch design?  Make it vintage.  Pilot watches for the most part have the same design features; big diameter, big crown, big hands.  The watchmakers at Zenith have taken their Pilot Montre d’Aeronef Type 20 GMT back in time for the 1903 limited edition.  As a tribute to the Wright Brothers first flight; their 48mm pilot watch has been turned  into a well priced in-house vintage statement.

A matte black dial with SuperLuminova Old Radium arabic numerals and hands bring in the weathered look of a 1900s pilot watch.  Whereas patina due to age will no longer be luminescent, this patina-by-design boasts an authentic vintage feel while still lighting up your nightstand in the early hours.  Coupled with a vintage Nubuck cuff strap in beige suede, the dial is intensified by the contrast off the black DLC coated titanium case.

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The Manual Wind: Taking the Complication Out of Time Change
taking complication time change omega rolex

There is much controversy surrounding the age old practice of daylight savings time(DST).  Evidence dating back to the Romans shows civilizations were changing their daily routines to make better use of daylight.  As most believe their is no need for it any longer, few understand the tangible impact it still has today.  There are true economic advantages of this time change; as life altering as the spring forward may be.  Their is evidence of an uptick in retail sales from boutiques getting additional foot traffic in cities, increase in DYI projects showing growth in the season for independent hardware stores and Home Depots, and analysts say that close to 400 million in revenue a year can be attributed to the time change in the world of golf.  Whether it be the change in the water systems in ancient times or to allow modern day golfers to get in a few more holes in the summer, clocks will be changing.

It is unacceptable to neglect your timepiece as you would your microwave.  Dual time or GMT complications were not designed for the DST time change specifically, but for travelers making there way through timezones.  The importance of maintaing accuracy and the ease of hour changes can be seen executed with great design in a number of timepieces across the watch market.  Rolex, Omega, and Ulysse Nardin manufacture some of the nicest GMT complications in both design and movement.

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