The Tread QM1 brings the time (and toolbox) to your wrist

With a plethora of smartwatches already jostling for spot on your wrist and the controversial Apple Watch just on the horizon, it’s no wonder the new-fangled wearables are becoming all the rage. However, while digital displays may alert you of incoming text messages and allow you to check the latest sports scores without your smartphone, they’re not the best when it comes to physical functionality. After all, no app is designed to crack open your beer like the Leatherman Tread QM1 (500+).

The sleek Tread QM1 is the Swiss Army knife of modern watches, designed by the renowned company behind the iconic multi-tool and adorned with a Swiss-made, scratch-resistant timepiece. Unlike most watches on the market, the TSA-compliant offering showcases a bike chain-esque bracelet comprised of 25 corrosion-resistant links that function as individual tools, each of which can be rearranged and replaced on your wrist at any given moment. Embedded tools range from cutting hooks and screwdrivers to a bottle opener and carbide glass breaker, with hex drives and pick specifically designed for removing your SIM card thrown in for good measure.

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The timepiece itself houses precision quartz movement and is built using shock-resistant sapphire crystal, rendering it as clear and visible as it is durable and resistant to heavy-duty wear. The curved design also limits reflections and features a rotating bezel, and moreover, comes in either a stainless steel ($500) or black diamond-like carbon build ($600) that’s adjustable in ¼-inch increments. The QMI may not be able send you Facebook notifications or relay you phone calls, sure, but there are few timepieces you can could strap on your wrist that might prove as useful in a pinch.

Check out the main Leatherman website to make a purchase, for more information, or to browse the company’s notable selection of tools and American-crafted goods.

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