The Lavenham Difference

Diamond quilted jackets are as synonymous with the early fall as the country and many a British heritage brand, but if it’s a ruggedly elegant and distinctive option you’re after, you’ll want to consider one by Lavenham. Makers of the first nylon quilted horse rug, Lavenham was founded in 1969. In 1972, the company, named after the village in Suffolk, Britain, introduced diamond quilted jackets into its offering with the idea that the rider would complement its horse, transforming Lavenham into a major equestrian brand. Over the years, however, Lavenham would add bottoms and coats and take a quietly directional approach collaborating with the likes of APC, Kenzo, Edwin, Casely-Hayford, Hackett and many others.

Today the company continues to make a quintessentially British product, renowned for its quality, durability and homegrown materials, but with increasingly modern and surprising twists. You can see them in this season’s three most popular styles, the Harlow, Lexham and Denham, and exclusively for fall the company also worked with Abraham Moon & Sons to replicate its heritage wool hue named Lavenham Blue. (In medieval times the village of Lavenham was known for its wool mills and dyeing history and the Lavenham Blue hue was created from an extract of the woad plant.)

Prices of the men’s jackets range from approximately $175-540 and the jackets can be found at some of the best men’s stores across the US, including CHCM, Bienaime, H.W. Carter & Sons, Threads & Needles, Portland Trading Co. and Steven Alan. Just don’t wait too long to get your hands on one of them. To learn more about what goes into making Lavenham’s special jackets, check out this video and see how it all happens.