Feel Good Fridays – Soles4Souls

Wondering what to do with those shoes you bought on a whim that have been sitting in your closet for two years? Soles4Souls is here for ya.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Soles4Souls is a non-profit institution that collects new and used shoes and clothes from everyone from ordinary people like us to civic and faith based organizations and corporate partners. We heard about them through our friends over at Cole Haan who are big fans (and donors) to the charity. Other big brands that donate overstock, returns  and/or discontinued models include Puma, Vans, Converse, Clarks and Adidas.

Not only does the organization donate shoes and clothes around America and the world; they also focus on ‘micro-enterprise’, which is helping the poor and their communities by providing sustainable jobs to locals through the creation of small (micro) businesses. This could translate into selling items at a marketplace or as a street vendor.

Just last week Soles4Souls held ‘Barefoot Week’. Each summer they dedicate one week to distributing shoes and awareness of the organization by traveling to five different cities in America and distributing shoes, as well as partnering with local nonprofits to raise awareness. Be sure to check out their blog to read all about their experiences.

They are always looking for donations, but if you are looking for a little life changing experience sign up for some international travel with the charity! Ambassadors for Soles 4Souls travel to places like Haiti, Costa Rica, Honduras, India and Africa to of course deliver shoes, but also to sustain relationships and work on their micro-enterprise campaigns. A team just left for Africa this week.

Instead of another vacation to the same ole same ole, consider going somewhere a little more exotic and helping someone out along the way.

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