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Fear Not: 5 Men’s Yoga Brands You’d Actually Wear

fear not actually wearable mens yoga clothing at sunset
Yoga clothing for men. There’re are few ways to make the idea sound anything but, well, weird. Not because there’s anything wrong with guys doing yoga, but because there are blogs and Instagram accounts dedicated to how revealing yoga pants are on women. Still, if you’re a man taking part in yoga, you’ll need body-hugging and moisture-wicking clothing that comfortably lets you reach some of those bendy moves without being on complete display. And no, spandex is never okay. The good news? More and more brands are crafting quality men’s yoga gear that you’d actually be okay with wearing. Here are five that will work for men of any shape or lifestyle.

Moon and Son

The latest to hit the market, Moon and Son is designed by hot yoga enthusiast and one time fashion editor, Stephen Watson. The look is minimal and colorful and because they run bigger than most, guys with a little extra weight should look here.


If your schedule has you running from the yoga studio to hopping around town, then check out the street wear inspired yoga collection by Vuori.


Slimmer guys start here. Their tops and bottoms are cut for your physique, but won’t make you look like a toothpick.


When your’e not in warrior position, Gap’s collection is perfect lounge-around-the-house clothing.


Tend to stink up a room, even when you’ve got deodorant on? Lululemn’s men’s collection is made with a Silverescent technology that neutralizes odor-causing bacteria that can live on your skin. Good for yoga, or any workout activities.

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