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Walmart Black Friday TV Deals Are Now in Full Swing — From $99

Walmart Black Friday TV deals are finally here to help you turn your living room into a home theater. Whether it’s a small smart TV for your desk or bedroom, a big-screen unit for an advanced home theater setup, or something in-between those two extremes, Walmart’s Black Friday sale is sure to have something to please. And to help you find it, we’ve already combed through the pile to bring you the five best Walmart Black Friday TV deals right here — with prices starting at just $99. Time is of the essence (especially this year with supply shortages), so read on and get shopping:

Walmart Black Friday TV Deals 2021: Cheapest Prices Today

  • Onn 24-Inch HD Roku TV — $99, was $119
  • Sceptre 50-Inch 4K TV — $200, was $328
  • Hisense 58-Inch 4K Roku TV — $338, was $426
  • Samsung 60-Inch Crystal 4K Tizen TV — $508, was $598
  • TCL 75-Inch 4-Series 4K Roku TV — $698, was $898

Onn 24-Inch HD Roku TV — $99, was $119

onn. 24-Inch HD Roku TV.

Why Buy

  • 24-inch size is perfect for a smaller space
  • VESA compatibility makes mounting easy, such as on a wall or even a monitor stand
  • Roku streaming software gives you everything you need to enjoy all sorts of content
  • Incredible value for a smart TV

If you’re after a smaller personal TV, perhaps for a guest bedroom, dorm room, kid’s room, kitchen, or even your computer desk, then this HD TV is just about perfect for the price. At 24 inches, it’s ideal for closer viewing and can fit just about anywhere (and its VESA compatibility means you can even put it on a suitable desktop monitor mount if you want, perhaps for use as a secondary display for your PC). And with three HDMI ports, you’ve got plenty of hookups for media players and gaming consoles.

Despite its small size and low cost, however, the Onn 24-inch television is every bit a modern smart TV. It comes loaded with Roku streaming software which, after a short setup process out of the box, gives you access to all your favorite streaming apps and content libraries. That means that you can watch the best shows on Netflixlivestream UFC fights, and much more. A Roku remote is included of course, but you can also download the Roku app and use your phone as a handy voice remote for the TV.

Sceptre 50-Inch 4K TV — $200, was $328

Sceptre 50-Inch 4K TV.

Why Buy

  • 50 inches is an ideal size for larger bedrooms, mid-sized common rooms, and similar spaces
  • True 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Can easily be converted into a smart TV with a cheap streaming stick if desired
  • Excellent value for a 4K UHD TV

In 2021, any television larger than 43 inches should be a 4K TV, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your entertainment in glorious Ultra HD. This 50-inch number from Sceptre is one of the best Walmart Black Friday TV deals going right now for anybody either looking to upgrade to 4K for the first time or add another UHD TV to their home entertainment setup. It’s a great size for larger bedrooms, mid-sized common rooms, and other areas where a big-screen TV would be overkill, but it’s still big enough to appreciate that 4K 2160p resolution.

This isn’t a smart TV, but since it’s so affordable, it’s a great option if you already have a streaming stick and don’t need built-in streaming software. Three HDMI ports let you easily convert the Sceptre 50-inch 4K TV into a smart television if you want to (with a Roku Streaming Stick or Google Chromecast, to name two popular examples), while also providing hookups for external input devices like Blu-Ray players and game consoles.

Hisense 58-Inch 4K Roku TV — $338, was $426

Hisense 58-Inch 4K Roku TV.

Why Buy

  • A full-featured 4K smart TV with super-easy setup
  • Roku software offers easy access to all the popular streaming apps, platforms, and channels
  • Compatible with Google Assist and Amazon Alexa devices for smart home integration
  • Dedicated game mode provides a smoother picture and reduced input lag

On the other hand, if it’s a mid-sized smart TV you’re after, we’ve got another one of the best Walmart Black Friday TV deals for you right here. Hisense is rivaled by few brands in the television market when it comes to value and this 58-inch 4K Roku TV proves it. It’s a nice “Goldilocks” size if a 50-inch TV is smaller than you want but a 65-inch panel would overwhelm the room (check out this guide to what size TV to buy for more on this).

Best of all (especially at this price point) is the fact that this is a true smart TV. With its Roku OS, you can stream the best Netflix movies, browse all the best Hulu original shows, watch live sports online, and much more. A dedicated game mode and Motion Rate 120 make this TV a fine choice for gaming as well as for enjoying a smooth picture during fast-paced scenes. Better still, the Hisense 58-inch Roku TV is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers, allowing you to add this TV to your smart home ecosystem if you have one.

Samsung 60-Inch Crystal 4K Tizen TV — $508, was $598

Samsung 60-Inch Crystal 4K Smart TV.

Why Buy

  • Crystal Processor 4K delivers a fast, responsive browsing and streaming experience
  • 4K Crystal LED display offers a crisp and vibrant picture
  • Auto Game Mode automatically optimizes the display for gaming without requiring you to mess around with settings
  • Tizen OS software provides a simple and personalized interface for streaming all your favorite content

Samsung is a pioneer in the TV space, rolling out some of the best televisions and most cutting-edge panel technologies money can buy in 2021. If you understandably don’t want to shell out the cash for a high-end OLED or QLED TV, though, then this Crystal UHD 4K TV offers some nice upgrades over more basic LED models. Under the hood, this smart TV sports Samsung’s Crystal 4K processor which delivers a snappy browsing and streaming experience, while the Crystal LED display panel lets you enjoy your shows and movies in crisp, color-accurate Ultra HD. An Auto Game Mode automatically detects when you fire up a game console, and then optimizes the display’s output for gaming without you having to fuss around with settings yourself.

Samsung’s Tizen OS is also a smooth and intuitive software interface for streaming. You can watch ESPN+, binge the best shows on Hulu, stream the best Disney+ series, and enjoy your content libraries from all the other popular streaming platforms, and the Universal Guide builds a personalized experience of curated content that makes it easy to find all your favorites as well as new stuff to explore based on your tastes. The included One Remote can also detect and control other connected devices, which is a nice little bonus for the smart home crowd. The Samsung 60-inch 4K TV puts the “smart” in smart TV, and at this price, it’s one of the best Walmart Black Friday TV deals going right now.

TCL 75-Inch 4-Series 4K Roku TV — $698, was $898

TCL 75-Inch 4-Series 4K Roku TV.

Why Buy

  • At 75 inches, it’s a great option for large rooms and home theater systems
  • Has both Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity
  • Four HDMI ports offer plenty of hookups for external devices
  • A great value for a home theater-grade big-screen TV

Ready to go big? If the above Walmart Black Friday TV deals were too small for your liking and you’re ready for a real home theater experience, this TCL 75-inch 4K Roku TV is an affordable way to enjoy cinematic immersion right from the comfort of your couch. Four HDMI ports (including one HDMI ARC connection) also allow you to add input devices such as Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles, while digital audio output let you hook this set up to a soundbar or even an A/V receiver if you plan to set up a surround sound system.

Since this is a Roku TV, you’ve got easy access to all of your streaming subscriptions and apps — Netflix, Apple TV, Vudu, Hulu, Disney+, and more, and you can easily hook up your current cable box or HD antenna, if you have one. The Roku interface also makes it easy to switch between input devices without having to go through confusing menus or deal with a fussy, complicated remote (and the included remote is dead simple to use). Your old favorites will look good on the big screen, too, thanks to the TV’s upscaling capabilities — meaning your non-4K DVDs and Blu-Rays will still have a place in your home theater.

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