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The Transformer Table could be the Ultimate Home Dining Set

This content was produced in partnership with Transformer Table.

Your home is more than just a place you come back to after work, and your dining area is more than just a place where you sit down to eat. “The home is a sanctuary” may be an oft-repeated cliché, but that’s only because it’s true, and your sanctuary — including, if not especially, your dining room — is only as nice as the furniture you put in it. If you’re looking for a dining set that is as practical as it is elegant, then the Transformer Table might be the perfect addition. The Montreal-based manufacturing company aims to provide furniture that has a combination of high-quality and exclusive innovations, with space-conscious functionality. You can learn more about their offerings below, or just check them out for yourself, and act soon so you don’t miss out on the current deal!

It’s not often that a piece of dining room furniture blends form, function, and quality, but the Transformer Table ticks all three boxes. Its innovative extendable design adapts to nearly any space: The table expands from 18 inches when minimized to as long as 10 feet, while the bench extends from 28 inches to up to 11 feet. That’s enough room to seat six adults comfortably on each side of the table.

In the brand’s own words: “The Transformer Table designs promise to evoke a feeling of accessible indulgence, luxury and well-being — for real, everyday living. TT’s vision combines sophisticated elegance and relaxed ease that is personalized for shifting lifestyles and living spaces.”

The Transformer Table is highly utilitarian, and its modular design makes it a good fit for almost any dining space, from small apartments to large dining rooms. But the Transformer Table is more than merely practical: It’s sure to please those with a keen eye for aesthetic design as well. That’s because the table and bench are constructed with 100% hardwood, as is .

You have the choice between four natural wood finishes, including Canadian Dark Oak, Siberian Birch, Australian Acacia, and American Mahogany (pictured above) — not a single product is made with melamine, MDF, press-board, or other such wood substitutes. You can choose what suits you best — there is a natural wood color, a stained dark brown, a true black, and even a modern gray — so the Transformer Table can not only fit most spaces, it can easily blend into your home’s style. The natural wood grain looks great and it fits just about any interior design aesthetic.

“Transformer Table’s goal is to create a personalized living experience that resonates with and enhances your living space. The foundation to designing livable furniture solutions is by understanding what is most important to us and our ever changing lifestyles: What isn’t working? What do we wish for? What would make us happy?”

“Transformer Table products deliver to you a comfortable, customized product that will remain timeless, personal and appealing — a source of enduring beauty, tranquility and happiness.” Much like the pieces featured here which exude quality, style, and imaginative design.

The Transformer Table normally costs $3,899, but for a limited time, you can grab this expandable dining set for $2,749. Those are savings of $1,150, and Transformer Table is even throwing in an additional expandable Transformer Bench or Transformer Coffee Table storage solution, totally free. If you’re looking for what might be the ultimate dining set, and one that’s a beautiful (and highly practical) addition to your sanctuary.

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