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The Pen Is Merrier: Gifts for Writers and Creative Types

Creativity, it could be said, is a gift all its own. However, there are a lot of writers and creative types — myself included — who would be upset if their own creativity was all they received for the holidays. I suppose we could turn the angst and disappointment into terrible works of art, but I’m guessing no one wants to see that. Though your broke-ass writer friend will probably just write you a poem for the holidays, you might consider getting one of the following items. For more, check out this page from Huckberry.

The Stash Notebookthe_stash burned

Most modern writers aren’t “writers” so much as they are “typers.” Though laptops have become the composition device of choice for many of us, sometimes old-fashioned pen and paper can be a refreshing change. To help your writer friend class up his scribblings, consider this leather, American-made notebook from Bull & Stash. It boasts full metal hardware and 30 pages of refillable, bleed-resistant paper.

$44.98 $50.00

The Mover Aluminum Penthe_mover-aluminum burned

A bit of paper isn’t much good without a pen — though your creative friend could likely do something fancy and/or weird with the paper, anyway. In any case, we’d like to present The Mover — a handsome pen made from raw, machined aluminum. The Mover comes from Tactile Turn, a machine shop dedicated to producing elegant, well-balanced wares. If you’re hesitant to purchase a $55 pen, you should know that The Mover is completely refillable.


Izola Flaskflask burned

There’s an eternal bond between writers and alcohol. Ernest Hemingway said, “Write drunk, edit sober;” Tom Waits said, “I don’t have a drinking problem — ‘cept when I can’t get a drink;” and F. Scott Fitzgerald called booze “the rose colored glasses of life.” Izola makes a wide variety of excellent flasks that can help broaden your writer friend’s drinking opportunities. They also sell blank flasks, in case you don’t like the goofy sayings.  


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For the Writer Huckberry Gift Set

If you think your loved one would like all three of the above items, you might consider getting the For the Writer Gift Set, courtesy of our friends over at Huckberry.


Leatherback Writer 3
leatherback_writer burned

You’ve heard of the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer,” well now here’s the Leatherback Writer, made in the US by accessories brand This Is Ground. This super-wallet not only has slots for cards and cash, but also a slit for a pen and another for a small notebook. And the whole thing has a button closure to help keep everything safe. It’s also possible to put a smartphone or small tablet in there.  

$84.98 $100.00

Satchel & Page Briefcasebriefcase burned

No matter what kind of artist your loved one is, he probably carries stuff around from time to time. If your loved one is still holding onto that ratty old backpack from high school, you might consider surprising him with this simple, elegant briefcase from Satchel & Page. Made with hand-stitched, vegetable-tanned leather, this briefcase is designed to last a lifetime. It has an interior compartment for a laptop, slots for business cards, an adjustable shoulder strap, and everything else one could want from a briefcase.

$349.98 $435.00

The Levelthe_level

Writers tend not to take very good care of themselves. If the whiskey and self-loathing don’t kill us, spending half our lives sitting at a desk will. To help extend your writer friend’s life, consider presenting him with this ergonomic workstation solution. Standing at one’s desk is considered a much healthier alternative to sitting, and The Level offers a wide range of motion by forcing the user to balance. Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t pair well with considerable whiskey consumption.


Whiskey for Twowhiskey_for_two burned

Whiskey and writing go together like similes and metaphors. If your writer friend also happens to like whiskey, consider getting these fine-looking crystal tumblers. These two tasty Teroforma tumblers also come with a total of six “Whisky Stones,” which are designed to keep whiskey cool without diluting the taste. The Whisky Stones will enable your writer friend to enjoy his whiskey, quite literally, “on the rocks.”  


Utility Roll Waxed Canvasutility_roll_waxed_canvas 2

Just because an artist’s mind is scattered doesn’t mean everything else should be. This utility roll waxed canvas makes it easy to keep pens, markers, paintbrushes, a pipe set, and other artistic junk relatively well organized. This fine product from Bradley Mountain is made from Martexin waxed canvas with accents of oiled leather, and can fit snugly in any backpack or messenger bag.

$24.98 $28.00

Marshall Major II Headphonesmajor II headphones burned

Though writers and artists are inspired by the world around them, sometimes it’s necessary to shut that world out. Of course, headphones are also a great gift for beatmakers, songwriters, amateur film directors, and others who work with sound. These Marshall headphones boast a classy, retro design, plus super-soft cushions that kiss the ears. The Major IIs are also fully collapsible, allowing for easy storage and transport.  

$94.98 $119.00

Slide Camera Strapslide camera strap burned

One doesn’t need a ton of gear to be a great photographer, but it sure helps. For the photographer in your life, you might consider slide camera strap from Peak Design. Described as “the most versatile pro camera strap in the world,” the Slide strap can be used as a neck, sling, or shoulder strap. It’s strong, slick, and works great with full frame DSLR cameras.


(Featured Image Courtesy of Huckberry

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