The only thing cheap about Brilliant is the price

Bicycles are a hot commodity, but sadly, it often seems like the days of the basic commuter bike are long gone. Consumers now seem to be more concerned with high-quality specs and the latest touring gear than the actual ride itself, which should be what truly matters. Thankfully, small company’s like Brilliant Bicycle Co. are beginning to rethink how the average person goes about cycling, offering a two minimalist models — the Astor and the Mayfair — through its direct-order website.

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Brilliant Bicycle Co.Ordering your bicycle is only the beginning. Both models are comprised of 1020 steel and feature 32-millimeter tires, and though neither offering is considered particularly high-end, both are designed to last so long as you take proper care of them. The two models are substantially different, too, with the Mayfair functioning much like a traditional cruiser and the Astor more like its touring counterpart. The latter model is also available as a single-speed ($300), three-speed ($400), and seven-speed bike ($500), while the former is currently only available in a three-speed model ($400).

The sheer girth of color and speeds is only one part of Brilliant’s appeal, though. Each handmade bicycle comes nearly complete with headset installed and the cables in place, meaning you merely need to attach the handlebars, seat, and front wheel before riding. Easy-to-follow, written instructions and all the necessary tools to assemble the bike come bundled with the package, too, and each bike features a beautiful matte finish intended to compliment the classic frame and supple leather seat. Waterproof construction and a relatively lightweight frame — the smallest of which weighs just under 28 pounds — make it suitable for most everyday scenarios, while the host of available accessories only further its functionality if the bike itself isn’t enough.

We doubt you’ll win the Tour de France with the help of Brilliant Bicycle Co., but you might just make it downtown with some time to spare and style in tow.

Check out Brilliant Bicycle Co. online for more information, or to browse the company’s selection of bike models and accompanying accessories.

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